And on to the next month I go (running out of cycle buddies)

Well AF arrived 4 days late today so onto the next month we go. Was really peeved as originally trhought nope definately havent done it this month as we didnt BD at what I thought was the right time. AF was supposed to arrive Monday or Tuesday so when she didnt arrive I started to get my hopes up, then she bloody arrived this morning. Mother Nature is very cruel! :x

And looks like most of my cycle buddies are getting their BFPs (which I am REALLY pleased for them) so am on the scout for some more buddies.

Anyone else AF started today or recently?


  • Mine is due tomoz, she is definately on her way x
    on to cycle 14!!!
  • Youre not out of the running yet BabyP but if she does turn up tomorrow then will be nice to have a cycle buddy xx
  • I'm here Jay and I remember well, cd 1 sucks!
  • Hi jay. I'm on day four so not far off you. I'm happy to join you petal. X
  • im cd5 so not far off, happy to join u! xx
  • Hi Jay, I'll be a cycle buddy, CD1 for me too! onto the first month of properly trying for no. 3! Hope that this will be our month (know its highly unlikely for me, being first month, wonky cycles and a husband who is working away during the week, but hey ho, I'm gonna give it a bloody good go!) xxx
  • hi *waves* i started my veeery long 2 day af (lol) on weds, so im off now, i can join you seen as im on cd3 already xx
  • Hey!!! Don't forget me buddy. I'm exactly same day as you. Silly witch..led me a merry dance this month. Lots of PMA for next month
  • Hiya all

    Im CD2 can I join you all?

  • sorry the witch got you.
    I'll be a cycle buddy too, mine started(kind of)yesterday and expecting full flow tomorrow morning
  • hi jay im on cd17 but il still join you lol if you'l have me xxx
  • Jay, Frecks, I'm back I'm sorry to say for me, but happy for you! Looks like a chem pg for me as I started to bleed today 4 days late from my normal af. :cry: my (.)(.) are sore still so I guess I have some hcg left I would say although I won't test and I'll just start the opk's at the same time and see what happens. I will do tha same as last month and hope it's sticky this month.

    CD one - as I said it SUCKS! :x
  • Bob...I don't know what to say. :\( I feel so upset so you. Mother Nature can be cruel. Posted on our thread too.

    Don't worry..we're here for you

  • Hi all af arrived 4 days early for me on thurs was gutted so im on CD 4 today (sunday) how are you all today xx
  • Hi Jay hun, am here still stuck in limbo he he it sucks even more than CD1!!

    Am at doctors on thur evening so will keep you posted.

    Good luck xx
  • hey, hope I can join you guys. will be month 2 for us, trying for our first. af due today x
  • (so excited) im the same as you onto month 2 i go trying for my 3rd but 1st with my boyfriend my af was due today but came thurs for some reason good luck for jan babies ladies x
  • hi i will be your cycle buddy too. im on month 5 now of ttc. my af arrived yesterday :cry: i have a 26 day cycle so it seems. so should ov again the end of april. good luck x
  • Morning lovely ladies, well after a weekend of being down in the dumps ive decided to pick myself up again and get on with it.
    BOB - I am absolutely gutted for you hun, i really thought this was it for you! Maybe youre just waiting for us all to have our BFPs together? No consolation I know! Weird thing is I was 4 days late this month too so maybe I had a chem pregnancy too but just didnt realise cos i didnt do a test? Hmmm well you never know. Also AF this time and last time werent that heavy as a proper normal off the pill type AF, they were more like a withdrawal bleed AF when i was on the pill...does that make sense?
    Maybe its our bodies getting ready to become pregnant and for the little beanies to stick?
    Frecks - Sorry hun I thought you got your BFP!
    SD - sorry youre still in limbo hun xx Hopefully yor body will sort itself out for when you go away?

    And welcome to all the other cycle buddies xx
    OK so if you let me know all your info then I can update on this thread. I might change the name aswell. What shall I call the thread any ideas?
    OK so my details are:

    Name.........OV Dates......EAFD......POASD

    Hmmm not sure what you girls think but ive put ?? in OV dates and EAFD as my last few cycles have been as follows: 25 days, 27 days, 26 days, 30 days, so on average my cycle is about 27 days. If i take it as 27 days then I guess my EAFD would be 12th May (the day we go on holiday) and I would poss be OVing w/c 26/04?
    EAFD = estimated AF due
    POAD = pee on a stick date

    Because i was late this month im now messed up a bit. Maybe i should just suck it and see what happens?

  • OMG sorry i just re-read my post and realised that ive rambled and also the last sentence sounds a bit naughty! whoops xx
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