(OV twice in a month?)

Hi girlie girls,

Am on cd24 of a 32/33 day cycle. I OV'd last month on CD 20 and this month I got OV pains (right side) on the same day along with ewcm in the run up.

However yday and today have had +ve OPKs and sharp pains from left 'ovary' side on and off all day.

So now i'm stressing thinking, crapbags did I not OV on monday and i'm not OVing now (would be so peed if I was as hubby not around and also would throw my LP into a right nosedive!)

So just wondering if anyone else has ever OVd twice in the cycle or am I an alien?

PP84 x


  • I may be completely wrong but I'm sure I've read somewhere that it is possible to Ov twice in a cycle.
    I could be wrong though.

    Hope someone else has a better idea for you ha ha x
  • Ok I just googled it and nope you can't. (Well you can but it would happen on the same day)
  • *scratches head*
    thanks for looking Mrs fozz.....much appreciated. I couldn't find anything either on google.

    Baffling thats for sure.....going by first OV pains and ewcm i'm 4dpo so way too early for it to be anything else....perhaps my hormone levels are just playing up.
    Hate the whole guessing/waiting game

  • hey love im gatecrashing from pregnancy but your body can try to ovulate and you can get symtpons but sometimes it dosent until later on so this could be the case but ov sticks usually pick up better than our signs so i would say start bding now for the next 3 days as ov sticks usually say you will ov 12-36 hrs after a strong positive xx
  • I really really don't want to get your hopes up but i've read that you can get +ov tests when your pregnant, and the pain you talk of could be implantation??

    I almost didn't want to post this but I think I would be really excited if this was me. Mind you it doesn't take much with me! xx
  • Hey K&M - thanks so much for that.

    as I say, would be gutted if I have OVd late as if thats the case my lutual phase will only be 8days long so no chance of a pregnancy if thats the case.
    Plus hubby is away at the mo so no BDing for me image

    Humph....pma taking a dive this month. I really hate my body sometimes.

  • My hubby's away next week when i'm due to ov too image
    I just hope he has some super strong spermies who can make it on their own to ov day! Lol!! xx
  • It can also be what amy said and you can get a pos on an ov stick when your pregnant so dont let your PMA dive yet chick x
  • thanks amy and ruby, don't worry about posting and getting my hopes up - i've defo read the same and used opks last month and I did have a bfp but not a sticky one unfortunately image
    My hubby went away at the weekend and so we BDd like crazy sat/sun and hoped the lil swimmers would just pull up a bar stool and hold off for monday......but there is no way they'd have held off for today if I am OVing late. Again, wouldn't matter anyway as if I am OVing today my lutual phase is too short for a pregnancy to stick anyhoo.

    Just gotta wait I suppose but miffed non the less....damn stoopid body image

    Thanks again kirsty - think if I ov'd monday its too early for preg symptons at 4dpo. who knows!! LOL

    Off to find choc to cheer myself up with x x x
  • Hello hun, My lp is all over the place so dont stress about that image
    I had a BFP on cd15 as i OV'd on cd6 image lp then was 14days - ended in mc
    Last month i OV on CD18 image image my af was 3 days late i was worried that i would only have 8 days before af and i was OV but my body sorted it according image although i didnt get a bfp my body was still ok

    Please dont give up ((((((((( hugs )))))))))))

    gembags xxxxx

    ttc month 15
  • so sorry gems for yor loss....
    mrs pp84, iv put a post about +opk when af due earlier check out its really helpful, it is true that if a opk shows + then good chance you are pregnant but remember there are also lots of other reasons too, iv got
    +opk and day by day its getting darker and darker af due in 5 days im fingers crossing but trying not to have too much ma lol...hope this helps hun keep us informed! whens af due? xx

  • thanks gembag - I think your right about body sorting itself out. Just wish I could interpret it better sometimes!

    Hey tianna - thanks hun, i don't think it would show a pregnancy sign this early after OV but who knows.
    AF due on sat 21st Nov (1week tmw)

  • according to the home health website 9% of women will ovulate twice in a cycle and thats why people sometimes get "caught out" when using timing as a form of contraception. its weird that mrs fozz couldnt find anything about it on google though if thats true. i'm sure its a reputable sight - apparently its where the nhs buy supplies from. i'll try and find you the page where it says it x
  • heres the page:

    it says it near the bottom under the heading "What about the sensitivity of ovulation tests and why might I need a different sensitivity?" the whole page is actually very useful so i hope it is accurate!
  • I thought I'd read about ov'ing twice before but couldn't find it when I googled. I'm sure I read it but I can't find it again. Wasn't that site, at least I know I'm not going mad though eh?! Lol x
  • ah thanks girls - your the best. I still don't know whats going on. Got a distinct -Ve on OPK today after 3 days of strong on cd25 of a 32day cycle so only time will tell.

    thanks again x x
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