BBT question

I've started tracking my BBT, as soon as I wake up. Today it's 36.2 C, yesterday 36.4. I know it fluctuates during the day (it does rise to 37 if I've been moving around a lot!), but I'm wondering if this is too low? Not specifically in a ttc way but also in a general way! It seems strange that I'm tucked up in bed but so cold?


  • My temperature range is pretty similar to yours pet. I wouldn't worry too much, everyone has their own 'normal'. Are you on ff? I find it really helpful to have all of the statistics from previous cycles etc. xx
  • That's still normal hon, and it actually depends on where you're taking in oral/rectal etc as temps are different depending on where you do it, so don't worry too much! I didn't take mine this morning as was freezing cold; we have 8 inches of snow outside and its still falling heavily! Tee hee!!
  • Nah, it's fine image

    In adult men and women the normal range for oral temperature is 33.2-38.2 ????C (92-101 ????F

    It's just cold first thing as you aren't moving about as much so your body is generating less heat. Plus remember a lot of people sleep with their mouth partly open, and that might reduce your temp a little bit. I know this used to throw my temp off so I now take my temp vaginally. The entertaining thing about this is that I can only just hear the beep from the thermometer from under the duvet in the morning, so I have to turn the radio right down!
  • Thanks for the reassurance! I've only started tracking from this cycle so don't have previous stats to go off! I'm taking it orally. Will see how it pans out, I'm guessing any rise will still be obvious.
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