are our mums lying?

in the last couple of days on here I have read several times that peoples mums tell them how they got pg first month trying.
Do you believe them?

Sorry, really random post but if they all managed that then I want to know how...
Anybody have a mum who had some trouble TTC?


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  • Nope, my mum got pregnant with me while she was on the pill!!! I dont mean to be rude in anyway but people my age have asked their parents this question and we were all "accidents" - none of us were ever tried for like we are all doing with our kids!!! xxx
  • My mum said the same, that she used to walk up the stairs and she was pg! Think she must have been lying as she seems to lie about everything else...!

  • My mum wouldn't lie, she told me so i would be careful as its possible that i could fall pregnant that quick to however i havent got caught yet!!!! xx
  • I don't know, never had that conversation with my mum. Think it is cos it is to do with sex......shudder.

    HOWEVER there is a five year gap between me and my bro. I know she mc'd at some point in between the two of us, but it is still quite a big gap. Kind of suggests to me that they took a while to conceive second time round.
  • hey, my mum fell with me within the first month of trying ( just like i did with my lo) and with my sis she took 1 year to get pregnant so ive kinda based my trying on that. in the hope that will i will fall early this year.xx
  • Moons and stars im the same, my Mum and i would never talk like that!!

    But i did always hear all the Dont do that, Dont do this, youll get preg!
  • Yep, me too - informed a few years ago that I was a mistake! She was happy about it mind, just earlier, and before they had discussed a family. I was a 'honeymoon' baby (Eugh!)
  • I remember my Mum telling me once that labour was like 'shelling peas!' I doubt it very much and way toooo much info xxx
  • hi ladies, happy new year!

    my mum had trouble the first time, took them 8 years to have my sister!!! this worries me a lot as i hope i wont suffer the same, it did however take them 7 and a half years to see the doc!

    second time round i came along, i was a mistake on boxing day lol

    so who knows, i reckon it happens when its meant to- or at least thats what i tell myself each time i get that BFN

  • my mum's telling truth I think. she came off pill and had me 9months later. then was using diaphragm when she got pg with my bro. but then she was earlier in her 20's than I am now, and hadn't been on pill anywhere near as long as I was. Also prob didn't work anywhere near as much as I do!!
  • My older brother and sister were planned when she was newly married to their dad. I was a happy accident 14 years later and my sister was a split condom 2 years after that!
  • My mum told me just to relax and it will happen!!

    With me she said I slept right through as a baby must be why I cant get out of bed now at 30yrs old - all that will change when we have a baby tho maybe even now to get in a pre-run he he!!

    I think my mam said she got pregnant fairly quickly with all 4 of us tho.

  • My mum had trouble getting pregnant the first time, it took my parents 6 years of trying before my oldest brother came along. They had al the tests done and were perfectly fine and both my parents were young when they started trying (mum 20 and dad 23), it just took a long time to happen. My next brother came along after only 1 month of trying though, and I was a little accident 5 years after that!!! So, I see it that it just seems to happen when the time is right and probably when we manage to finally relax a bit : ) .x.
  • hey,

    never really chatted to mom about it - but i have to be honest - i've always felt like i was an 'accident'.

    My future MIL on the other hand basically told me that she mc'd her 1st - a girl - which she lost quite late on - literally - she had the nursery, clothes etc all bought and ready! not too long after she fell pg with her 1st born - (my OH) - no problem at all.

    She then said that her friend was pg - she found out and was so happy that she cried - she felt really maternal and wanted a LO to keep her friends LO company and hey presto - pg again.

    and her 3rd was not planned!

    so - there you have it - the patronizing truth is that - you just have to want it!!!!

    sorry - bit of a rant - but i'm sorry - i want a LO so bad that - thats what makes me cry sometimes because it's not happening - and hearing about how easy it was for her - and all her friends just kills me. She announced to me the other day that altho her friend has really mixed cycles and long ones - she is incredibly fertile as on both occassions of deciding to ttc - it hapened pretty much straight away - grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..

    sadly - with my future MIL and her friend - they seem to be telling the truth - what the bloody hell's wrong with me????

  • hun, its not always as easy as that. when we tried for lo i came off pill and bang i was pregnant. i ignorantly assumed that it would happen again and here i am 7 cycles later.

    my sister tried for 2 years and was in the process of getting tests and while waiting for the results found out she was pregnant. hun dont beat yourself up about it , im sure there is nothing wrong with you and it will happen very soon.xxxxxxxxx
  • My Mum is one of the annoyingly fertile kind!! I was due to a split condom when she was 16, my brother came along about 18 months later because she thought you couldn't get pregnant if you were breastfeeding! My other two brothers were planned, but both only took her a couple of months. She never really knew about the exact science to it like I do due to all my research, I explain things to her so maybe there is something in being relaxed and going with the flow!!
  • I never talked to my mum about it either, don't want her to get suspicious about us TTC
    I know she didn't TTC whilst breastfeeding me and then had mc at 5months between me and my sis who is 4years younger so she must have takes a while to conceive my sis...
  • my mum got PG with me straight away . Same as my nan with my mum
    But we are three generations of only children. My nan then went on to MC and never fell again (i gt the impression they never had sex again!!) my mum had very bad blood presure and spent 5 months in hosptial when she had me so they decided not to havr anymore.

    My MIL fell with her first (girl) straight away. But my husband came along 10 years later.
  • Oddly my mum never had "that talk" with me, I was just incredibly sensible. I think seeing lots of girls getting up the duff while doing our GCSE's scared me off boys for a long time!!
  • Happy new year to all! This is an interesting topic: I certainly wouldn't talk to my mum at the moment about all the problems we are having ttc because I don't want anyone to know. I do know she had problems conceiving me due to endometriosis and that i am (apparently) a medical miracle - so they said at the time! She had my sister 18 months after me, so presumably no problems that time and then a mc 10 years later.
    I really don't think it is that easy - you only have to read the comments on here to see that, so don't lose hope please!!
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