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Somebody slap me!!



  • everything crossed for what you decide chick,obviously i want you to get BFP over anything tho lol x
  • ok then chick have you the will power or not :lol:
  • 'Hehe, maybe I need to change the subject to 'Somebody slap *me*!!'

    hahaha garfield that made *me* laugh!
  • good luck hun hope u get your BFP!
  • I have the will power ladies!! I didn't test, very proud of myself :lol:

    Talked it over on MSN with hubby last night (he's away, we're not just really sad and don't talk to each other! :lol: ) and we're going to test together on sat morning if no af.

    Although my huge PMA of yesterday has dipped somewhat today as had quite bad cramping last night, so think that if I am meant to be pg I don't think its a keeper, so my hopes have dropped & I'm trying to be realistic about it. In a way I'd rather not test because then I'll never know if af does come to visit, but I know dh is desparate to know.

    I'm more prone to early stage mc because of an auto-immune disease I have so I don't normally get so carried away with it all! Thats why we didnt test the 2 months I thought I was pg - and then went on to have massively bad af with clots etc and suspected mcs.

    So I'm pinning all my hopes on you instead *me* - no pressure hon image
  • awwww i hope you have a sticky one then garfield! fingers crossed for u, im lacking pma today, and have managed to convince myself its all in my head image still do have sore nipples tho and major hungry, no more cramping really so im thinking it may just be something else? got a sore throat too, so hope im not coming down with something? i really do hope its a bfp, but im losing hope. no clue y. just dont wanna get too excited i suppose.xxxxxxxx
  • Any news Garfield?? Hope your ok!

  • I hope you are ok, stay strong, but tell us when you do test!!
  • Youve been really good in holding out for testing. Its not possible for me, if i know ive got some, i use them! :lol: Only got CBD left unopened and thats only coz they are expensive. hehe

    Good Luck

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