Advice shortish cycle

Just wonderd if any of you have an experiance of having a fairly short cycles, and how are you working out fertile days.
My first cycle ws only 22 day, and this one second 26 days, I am bit lost as how I'd be calculating my fertile days, as it is not obviously like 28 days, whe it is usallay 14th days or there abouts.
I've tried calculating via ovulation calculator but based on the last AF 26 day, But just wonderd if I should be basing it on the 26 day cycle, as the previous was only 22? Af arrived today sadly!

So really does anyonehave short cycles or just thoughts really on anyone with bit more knowlidge on TTC?
Thanks in advance x


  • I take it you have just come off the pill? It can take months for your cycles to regulate, but basically the LP (luteal phase) is the length of time between the day you ovulate and your af. This is the same every month for you, its the bit before that which can alter slightly, hence why some cycles are longer than others.

    You need to find a way to work out when you ov - whether by taking your temps, using opks or just by the feel of your body (some women get ov pains and increase in cm when they are ready to ov). Only then will you know when to BD until your cycle sorts itself out. Or you could just BD lots and hope for the best!

    A 22 day cycle is quite a short one, so I would use the 26 day cycle to try to gauge the rough time you are oving and then look out for symptoms/higher temps etc so you know what to look out for. I used to have 24 day cycles and ov'd on CD11 or 12 (wasn't really paying much attention then and my cycles are now longer after having lo). Good luck with it though xxxx
  • Oh tahnk you Garfield. Yes I've come off the pill in dec, so yes cycles are erratic.
    I know what you are saying re monitoring but at the moment we are tying to have an relaxed approach. Easier said then done though.
    I am quite in tune with my body, so hopefully will be able to guess ov days. I think you are right about 22 day being a short one so will be basing it on around 26 day.
    Plan is BD and hope! Have a weekend away planned in March so it might be a good time for it!
    Thanks again xxx
  • Sorry if this is TMI but at first I wasn't really aware of when I was oving - I had the pain in my tummy depending on what side was releasing but had never really taken much notice of me. It was my hubby that started me thinking, as for a few days a month he would (and here's the TMI part) comment that I was extra wet - even if we'd literally just climbed into bed! And it made me more aware of the ov pains and extra cm I was getting - so you could always ask him to keep an eye (or hand!) on things and see if he can tell with you.

    That way you will know roughly when you are oving without the need for tempts/charts & opks turning things stressful!

    Hope your cycles sort themselves out quickly...actually no I don't, I hope you get your BFP quickly and your cycles can disappear for 9 months!! image xx
  • Haha Mrs Garfield, excellent! I shall be trying natural approach, will get hubby to check me out!
    I really hope I'll not need to use all the paraphernalia!
    Thanks again xxx
  • I have a 25 day cycle, it seems that AF is just gone then OV is here, doesn't give much time for BD! I ovulate on CD12 and have a 14 day LP.
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