Clearblue plus - faint lines....Advice puhlease! **update**

Well well well.......

I had a visit from AF yesterday but bugger all today so I went and used a ClearBlue Plus....4 in fact!
On each one I got a thin very faint vertical line!!!

I'm not going to think nor believe that it's a BFP until I test with FMU, just wanted to know if anybody else has experienced this?!

Any comments would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you ladies xxx

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  • Sounds like a BFP to me Wildthing, yay!!
  • Woohoo, that sounds really positive. Fingers crossed hun xx
  • All I can say is if it's a BFN I want a refund!

    Keep your fingers crossed for me ladies! xx
  • Sounds very promising to me. Oh how exciting image

    Test again in the morning and I have my fingers crossed for you xxx
  • Hi hun,

    I had a faint line on an asda hpt today, I literally had to take it apart but it was pink and there but I'm not convinced either. Last pg I didn't get bfp till cd42!

    I've never used clear blue hun but just wanted to let you know I'm kinda in the limbo too.

    I've been and brought some first response but might wait a couple days cus I don't wanna see another bfn!
  • LOL @ babylove! It is exciting but...but!

    Hi Lady, I'm pleased i'm not the only one. Hope I'll be wishing you a big congrats in the next day or 2 xx
  • a line is a line! Let us know how you get on tomorrow. fingers crossed for you xxx
  • Thank you samsa - I'll be on here as soon as I test tomorrow! xx
  • Thanks hun,

    I'll be keeping an eye out for your bfp tomorrow image

    Good luck...sending lots of babydust to you!
  • Oh excited for you! So maybe once is enough???? GOOD LUCK xxx
  • I'll be looking out for yours too Lady! Maybe we will get into d.i.f!
    Hi Cuddles, how are you hun? Yes hopefully the once really was good enough! xx
  • I tried replying to your CD1 post earlier but it wouldn't let me - this is why!! I so hope this is it for you image Good luck! xxx
  • Sounds good hun... Test again in themorning and maybe I will too!

  • So much for not getting excited! It's nearly 5:10am and I've already tested!!
    There is still a VERY faint line, came up within the allocated 2mins. But g
    the line is so faint I have to tilt it in the light but it's most def there.
    Think I'll get a first response test.
    Anyone else tested this morning? Good luck! Xx
  • Hi MrsHappy!
    It's 5 tests in total that have come up with the line (yes,5, I am now broke!). I did a cb at mums on sunday and that was def negative!
    I've had 5 very very faint lines but because they're so faint I have to convince myself it's a bfn until I get a nice strong line.
    Not easy at all! Mr Wildthing said to test again in a few weeks - erm no honey I'll be testing in a few hrs when the shops open! Lol.

    What tests have you used? 8 days late, wow! I'd be bald by now through sheer frustration! Hope you get your bfp real soon.
  • Hehe, wildthing, you make me laugh. How many more tests today? I'm so excited for you i reckon it's a BFP definitely. Fingers crossed
  • I have my fingers crossed for you!! Xx
  • Oh Wildthing, this is so exciting! I can't wait to hear! It sounds v promising from where i am sitting. FYI superdrug has First Response tests on offer - BOGOF so i got 2 packs of 2 tests for ??10.49 the other day, bet you're already out and shopping now though! Hugs x
  • Well I tested and I think the test was a dud. The only line that showed up was a test line, no control line grrrr! My one chance with fmu! Gotta go buy more now!

    Cd29 and no af yet though, although I have got cramps whatever they may be! I hate ttc, its so disheartening most the time!

    Good luck hun
  • Defo sounds like a bfp ,with my 3rd ds i had done 3 pg tests and you could just see the line you had to move the stick to see it so good luck sounds good to me!
    Luv clare
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