Mrs Dickson - i did a test.

I did the test already as could not wait. It was BFN! Theres a surprise. WIll do another in 4 days if no AF but i pretty much think that its not this month! Let me know how you get on in the morning! xxxxxxxxxx

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  • Em - it could still be too early to be detected. Its not over until AF comes....
  • oh no!
    I was hoping you would get a BFP!

    My best mate has just been on at me to go and get testing - she thinks I am pregnant - quite often has preminitions about these things and is more often right, but i just dont want to get my hopes up.
    I so badly want a BFP!

    As flush says, it aint over till the AF comes.
  • Thanks flush! I hope you are right.... maybe too early! Mrs dickson, get testing!!!!! xxxxxxx
  • Actually - meant to ask - wouldnt there atleast be a faint line by now? There wasnt even a trace of a line so thought that that was pretty mucha definate negative?
  • Im thinking to test tonight when hubby gets home from work.
    Was plaaning to wait till the morning as that is supposed to have highest concentration of hormone, but on CD 35, I woul dexpect something to show up if there wa any chance i wias.

    Im not sure about a faint line when you test early. its middles of the day and your hormone level may be quite low if you have drunk alot and peed alot?!
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