shall i test a day early???

hi guys! Well af is due tomorro, just really really have an urge to test today but only have one test left cos i naughtyly did one a bit early and it was negative, a day early should still be accurate shouldnt it? This is my first month off the pill also . . . Any advise please! Lol! Thank you x x x


  • you may find that AF is delayed, due to stopping the pill, i know a lot of women has a couple of months with unpredictable AF as the pill leaves the system. but 1 day early should pick up something if the levels are good,
    Fingers crossed for you hun.
  • thanks for your reply, well i did the test 5 mins ago and it was negative image ah well will have to wait and see i suppose, i was convinced i may have been cos with my first baby i was preg in the first month of coming off the pill. X x x x x x x
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