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2WW anyone else with me.



  • Hi ladies,
    1st time on here and 1st month ttc - just come off the pill so not too sure of dates but on cd20 so will prob do a test if no af by 1st may.
    This 2ww is an eternity!
  • well girls i'm on cd26 and i'm tempted to test already. I'm mental!!!! I'm not going to as i know its far toooooo early but i can't help but think what if??

    Had no symptoms just a bit more cm. How are you all doing??
  • Hi Mrs KD
    I'm now 5dpo and the 2ww is dragging already i hate the not knowing, i have felt a little sick and have been having the odd twinges now and then but i'm sure its just my body playing tricks so i'm trying not to read to much into it!!
  • hiii

    I am 5DPO today and my mind is Symptoms Spotting but I am trying to stop it :P
    I really hope I get my BFP this month
  • I think i'm 6dpo so going to try and wait until next weekend. Its going to drag. I'll be pretty gutted if i don't get my bfp this month and i'm away the next month so going to miss my "fertile" time. On the up side at least i can get very drunk!! ;\)
  • hi everyone....i am also 5days past af due date...but got BFN 3days past af due date....have very slight period type crampings ...and heartburn do you think there may still be a chance?
  • I'm 7 DPO today but got that heavy, full, dull ache feeling like I do before AF. Really hope it's not AF. Boo.

    TTCAM it's not over til she shows! Do you normally have regular cycles? Some people don't get a +ve pg test until later on. Fingers crossed for you x
  • I'm not due af til this weekend but I was up all night last night with all sorts of symptoms like cramping, headache, nausea, hot sweats and achiness all over. It was so bad and I didn't get any sleep that I've phoned in sick today. Headaches and cramping still now. Don't want to get my hopes up but I've never has pms like thus before! Really want to test tomorrow but know I shouldn't
  • Hi girls, can I join? This is our first week trying. Not sure when ov but af due 4th May. Not too stressed about it just yet though, we're trying to be a little relaxed about it (ha ha ha)
  • broodymrsc how many dpo are you?

    I've had no symptoms!! Had a couple of twinges but nothing consistent and seems to have settled now so just waiting for af to arrive. I'm going to hold off until the weekend to test.

    Keep us informed if you do test.
  • Hi Mrs clareabella of course you can join in. Think there is a few of us due af this wkend beginning of next week so fingers crossed for everyone.

    Trying to stay away from the tests!! Not too long to wait now.
  • Do all you ladies have hpts stacked up at home? I don't intend even buying one unless I miss AF.....
  • I've got 2 packs, so 4 in total. 2 clearblue and 2 superdrugs. I bought the superdrug ones last month when af was late and they were on bogof and i bought the clearblue digital one from amazon as they're a bit cheaper. Its great seeing the words pregnant on the clearblue but i won't use them until i get a positive on another cheaper test.

    Your best not having any in the house it makes testing early too tempting.
  • Hi mrskd I think I'm 9 or 10 dpo. I've also got 4 hpt's stacked up- 2 cbd's and 2 cheaper boots ones. Just been sitting here Reading the packet (obsessed or what?) and trying not to do a test!!just jeep reminding myself how expensive they are and don't want to waste it!!
  • same here. I wasted so much money on tests last month that i'm deffo NOT testing until af is late. The only problem is is working out when af is actually due but hoping this weekend. So if i can wait until next monday i will, but may have to test at weekend.
  • I have 3 packs. 2 left over (superdrug andCBD) from being overly optimistic last month and one I got sent as an apology from FR for the false positive I had last month.
    I'll be away on holiday when AF is due so am going pack one in my suitcase just in case I need it, but I am determined not to test early due to previous heartache it has caused.
  • FR sent you a freebie? Would you really want to use one of their tests again after a mess up like that though?

    I think i'm going mad, hubs and I said we weren't going to get obsessed but i'm certain I'm ss-ing right now, with tingling bbs and cramps :lol:
  • hye ladies! im testing this thursday!! AFs due on thursday but im guna test that day anyway!!! trying not to test now.. im so impatient.. got a few symptoms...
    Fuller boobs but not sore,, darker circles around outside too
    low backache.. but could be from work!!
    very very bloated!!!! im a size 8 but couldnt fit in my size 8 jeans and a size 10 barely fitted me 2day!!
    mood swings! out of control
    increase of thick white CM... since yesterday and 2day...
    Pregnant or AF coming... who knows!!!! arghhh so impatient!
    good luck everyone! x
  • After getting a bit overexcited by all my symptoms yesterday (nausea, bachache, cramping, headaches) I've woken up this morning feeling rubbish (still headaches but also sore throat now) but thinking I've probably got a bug rather than anything else more exciting. Oh well I'll just try to hold out for a few more days before testing.
  • Any news girls? I'm getting tempted, only on 9dpo.
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