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2WW anyone else with me.



  • I'm 10 DPO and severely tempted!
  • 8 DPO here, AF due Saturday and am determined not to test until Sunday - anyone else testing over the weekend?

    Hannah xx
  • I'm gonna TRY and wait until monday if af hasn't shown up by then.
  • I was a little bit bad and tested, BFN unsurprisingly enough. That was 9/10dpo, it was my only test, so now the temptation is removed until I'm actually late! :roll:

    It's not over til it's over I suppose!xx
  • Me too, tested today - at 12 dpo - and got a bfn. Wish I hadn't done it now!!
  • Well tested yesterday on a CBd and got a bfn. Then af arrived this morning! So all my crazy symptoms at the start of the week were just coming off the pill madness! I am still feeling good tho because af turned up exactly on cd28 and this was my first month off the pill in 14 years so I was expecting more trouble than that! Also I'm going to a wedding today and can get really trollied!!
  • Sorry to hear the broodymrsc.

    As i've got some good news. Tested this morning and got a BFP. Well on;y a faint line on the superdrug test but definitely a line.

    But enjoy your wedding. xx
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