when is good to do test

hi ya this has probably been asked serveral times but im not sure . well we have been trying for 3 months now and im due on next tuesday but am inpatient as ive been feeling tired for about a week now and sicky in the morning also have very sore boobs ive had 3 children already but you tend to forget wot i
ts like .


  • I think maybe a week before is too early to test. Poor SD has been testing early and is hopefully on the eve of getting her BFP but she had to go through lots of BFNs.

    So maybe for a 'sanity' point of view its best to try to wait as much as possible?

    Good luck honey
    x x x
  • I'm due AF tomorrow and i've been nowhere near a test. I wouldn't test until your AF was late if i were you. Good luck though xx
  • hi,
    ur best waiting until af due hun, i get sore boobs every month a week before af due, and always get hopes up jus incase, and the damn witch has shown up every month!!!
    i knopw some ladies test early and get a very faint line but then have the wait of gettin past af due date!
    up to you of course but i tend to wait

    good luck xx
  • The last time I tested early i had a chemical pregnancy, so I am now not going to test until af is late....do whatever you feel is best hun xx
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