Could I ask your advice pleas

Hi all

This is our 2nd month of ttc. My cycles are usualy 33 days.

I am currently on CD36 with a BFN (used a variety of tests since CD 33) and still no period. My period is not normally this late. (only 2 cycles have been longer in a year and a half!)

Anyone else been in this position?? What would / did you do?

Many thanks



  • My cycles are 28 days to the dot but I ramdomly had a 34 day cycle last month .... totally had my hopes up too only to have them dashed!

    In saying that though i friend of mine didn't show a positive when pregnant until 5 days after missed period so you never know could just be a shy little bean I'll keep my fingers crossed for you

    image AF just showed up for me so on to next month for me either month 14 or 15 I've lost count but hubbys just bought me a CBFM so hopefully it'll work for me and I'll get a BFP this month
  • I would wait a few more days then test again hun. Wishing you lots of luck! X
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