ewcm question again?

i am due af today and nothing as yet, but i am getting a bit of ewcm could this happen on the day my af due, it is my first month of pill too, and i still have this sick feeling all the time, any other ladys had this?


  • hiya, i felt sicky when i came off the pill. TMI lol is it strecthy? you may have OV'd late coz it takes a while for ur body to get into the swing of things, so get BDing anyways just in case? good luck hun xxxxxxxxxx
  • For some ladies ewcm is a sign of an upcoming BFP. I reckon if af doesnt show up in the next day or so do a test.
    It could also be your body readjusting as *me* suggests...

    Good luck
  • cute piccy shyro image xxx
  • i hope it is that i am bfp, but i had two very very faint lines last week and at the weekend nothing, i really hope i am, going to wait till friday and test if still not here, getting a pro at poas lol, thanks for your advise giving me a bit of hope
  • ooo you didnt mention that bit! lol. yeah lots of CM is also a PG symptom asshyro says, so u never know hun! leave it a couple of days and test again? xxxx
  • thanks *me*

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