CD1 and into month 9 or 10

I cant quite work it out lol.

Feeling really fed up, dont know why I am writing this cuz I dont have a question!!

I have been in a foul mood all day and taken it out on DH, think i'm suffer from really bad PMT. I think its dawned on me as a friend had her baby last night, which I am absolutely over the moon about and really pleased and proud of her, she and her DH are going to make fab parents! Thing is, about six different people have asked when its going to be us - no one knows we are TTC, except my mum, who doesn't know officially, i think she has just guessed! its so annoying having to say 'oh no, not yet, I am far too busy" or ' i can barely look after myself let alone a baby' or 'we need to save yet because my maternity pay is pants'.

i just feel like were going to the be couple that everyone knows that struggle to have children.

Anyway - rant over, I have had such a nice weekend and this mood is really spoiling it!

Baby dust to you all


  • Hi, I am CD1 today also, I know how you feel. I suffered a MMC in Feb this year at 10 weeks, and I feel like I am never going to get PG again..... just being negative.

    I have today promised DH that I am going to be way more relaxed about TTC, no more OV tests, no more counting CD etc etc, we are just going to go with it and see what happens.....

    Our time will come....... hopefully very soon.
    Anyway CD1..... looking forward to lots of BD'ing!!!!!!!:lol:
  • just wanted to say when we were trying with number2 it took 10 months. i was so stressed by then, it completly took over my life. turns out i fell pregnant after a drunken night out with the girls. the only night i didnt worry about our poistion and sticking a pillow under my bum after. keep your chin up.
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