'Snot Fair - CD1

Morning girls.

Woke up at 3am and felt a bit funny, went to the loo and AF has made her appearance 1-day early. I woke up hubby and he was really sad. I'm much more depressed about it this month as I felt so positive and had a good gut feeling.

Got all sorts of emotions running around my head now...

...if we conceive next month I'll be 6-8 weeks pregnant when we're in Florida - do I really want to be at the height on morning sickness of my amazing Disney holiday?...

...are we going to miss it this month anyway as we just checked my fertile dates for this month and hubby is away at the peak time on his brothers stag do...

... is there something wrong with me? I know the luteal phase has to be a minimum of 10-days for a pregnancy to be viable. I ovulated on CD14 last month and the month just gone which means due to my cycle lengths of 26 and 25 days, my luteal phase is 12 days and this month just gone, 11 days. Should I see my Dr?...

...I'm making more of an effort with losing weight this month in case its that...

...but always in the back of my mind is that I've been pregnant before, why aren't I getting pregnant again? I don't think I've ever mentioned it on BE before - but I was on the pill and fell pregnant from the only time I had sex in the month.

I've not got any PMA today, I feel so so sad and hate that its another 4 weeks again before we will know.

Sorry for the long moan!

Joo xxxx

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  • Oh honey, big big hugs to you.

    I think you are more than entitled to have a bit of a moan!
    Like you, we've booked a holiday (ours is at christmas) thought it may may be tempting fate but no luck as yet! Some how it does make it easier to justify the BFN though, doesn't it? At least it is something to look forward to!

    I know there is nothing anyone can say that will make you feel better so I'm sending you lots of pma and babydust followed by a big hug, glass of wine and HUGE bar of chocolate xxx
  • Sorry to hear AF found you Mrs Joo

    Sending you hugs and fingers crossed for you for next time x
  • I'm sorry to hear AF arrived Mrs Joo. How long have you been trying for? If you're worried about your luteal phase it might be worth going to the docs just for peace of mind but its over the 10 days which sounds ok. If you plan not to actively try next month and look forward to your holiday instead then maybe you'll get your much wanted BFP? Relaxing and all that blah x
  • Sorry the witch got you, she's due to arrive at my door tomorrow. So maybe we could share a bottle of wine and an extra big bar of chocolate. I do beleive everything happens for a reason and i know its no consolation but i know how much you are looking forward to florida and the rides and hopefully you will relax and come home and get your bfp. Sending you lots of PMA sprinkled with Babydust.

    Jen xx
  • Thanks everyone - you've made me smile and I do feel a bit better. I am normally such a positive, optimistic person so I'm sure my PMA will come back quickly - we were just so excited and really really thought we'd done it!

    Daydreamer - we've only been trying for about 3 months so I feel a bit of a fraud moaning so much when some others have been trying for much longer! I didn't know a lot about TTC and I was na????ve enough to think we would get pregnant pretty much straight away.

    Jen - I believe that too, so I know it's not happened this month because its not meant too.

    Hubby and I keep joking that perhaps I won't get pregnant until after we get back from Florida because somewhere inside, subconsciously, my brain is telling my body that it wants to go on the exciting rides before it settles down and has a baby!!! I do love my holidays and I'm SO excited about Florida, I do think its right to stop trying so hard until we get back. Its only really one more cycle I'd miss anyway, as working out dates etc. it looks like we would be due to -try' when we're out there.

    At the moment, hubby and I have agreed to think about it over the next few days. I think we still would try but know in our heads that because of him being away etc. it doesn't matter if it doesn't happen. It would be a bit random to go back to using -something' again wouldn't it?!?!?!?!

    Thank you all so so much again.

    Joo xxx
  • No probs thats what we are all here for. We just got back from holiday 3weeks ago before we went me and oh were in boots getting toliletries etc and we passed the condoms and oh said do you want any (he was only joking) i said i dont know why we have ever used anything all these years we would have saved ourselves alot of money lol!

    jen xx
  • We could call baby Minnie or Daisy if its a girl...!

    Thanks Mrs A - hope ur feeling ok today!

  • Hi Mrs Joo - sorry to hear you haven't done it this month. But think of all those rides you can go on!

    Not good news from my side. Can't face typing it again so read my post on Jan forum.
  • Hi MrsJoo. Sorry to hear you sounding so down hun. As i believe we may be near neighbours (i live in Finchampstead nr Crowthorne) i am sending you a nice cup of tea image If that fails, the large choc bar and bottle of wine (do wonders for the diet lol) will hopefully help. You'll love Florida! We went last August and had a ball. I even lost weight while there! Its a fab place and i cant recommend it highly enough. Good luck, keep smiling image lots of love, bluebird xxxx
  • Hi bluebird - the cup of tea didn't make it (that is code for hubby didn't get the hint when I asked for it!!!) but thank you anyway!!!

    I'm not sure we are neighbours? I have no idea where Finchampstead is! I live in Aldershot - I hate admitting it tho as people who live near it know its 'not the best' shall we say!!! Hey it was all we could afford to get on the property ladder!!!

    Joo xxxxx

  • Hi Joo

    Sorry the brew didnt make it your way, will have to send it first class post next time!!!! (know what you mean about hubbys with selective hearing! lol). We are not far from each other, i was born in Frimley and lived in Camberley for a lot of my life. Finchampstead is about 5-10 mins away from the Meadows where the big M&S and Tescos are. I am about 2o mins from Aldershot. Know the town quite well as i have followed the fortunes of Aldershot FC for many years image My brother got married there and my Grandad was cremated there. I have also bought all my cars bar from the Vauxhall garage there lol. Hope the witch isnt biting too much, think mine mite be on the way which will be a minor miracle seeing as i havent had one since Jan!!!! Take care and look after yourself. love bluebird xxxx
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