Unsure and don't want to do a test just yet:-S

Iv had a spot or two of blood every day for almost a week now and i don't think its my period i haven't had any period pain and usualy get some a week before AF (i was due on last week) My (.)(.) are sensitive and is seem to cry at almost anything ATM i feel the need to sleep alot and i just want to et chocolate and i dont usually enjoy chocolate.
Don't know what to do, dont really want to test just yet i would perfer to wait a while longer (dont want to disappoint myself)
So kinda just wondering what you ladies think> and how long does implantation bleeding last im hopeing its that.


  • Hi, I'm not sure about implantation but if you were due AF last week I would think a test would pick it up if you are pg as most of them can detect early, if you're a week late for AF you should get a nice line if you are.

    Fingers crossed you get your BFP

  • I would deffo test if you're a week late! Fingers crossed hun xx
  • hey. i wish i had your patience!! we are only in month one of ttc, af is due sunday. just bought a sd test, never bought a pregnancy test in my life. going to wait till sunday though! at a week late it shoudl certainly show on a test x
  • Im finding it very hard to be patient we've been trying almost a year image
    Is it ok to test if theres blood tho? im not sure where all that stands!
    Thanks for all the crossed fingers though and il let you know when i eventually do a test
  • Just wanted to say good luck for when you test
    ...and a while ago somebody on here had an MC scare because she had blood at 6weeks but doc said it was implantation bleed, so it can come later, even after BFP
  • I knew I was pregnant this time round because I had spotting every day for 2 weeks after BDing and then bled a lot until I was 12 weeks.

    I'm 37 weeks today and all is well with bubs.

  • Thanks for all the advice ladies think i might wait and test next weekend (maybe) Just to be sure as my periods are irregular (although this is the latsest)
    Thanks 'shuck' and 'serena82 makes me think more positively (as iv had 2MC's in the past)
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