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AF has arrived

Hi well as the title says af has arrived. I had 2 bfn and it was over 4 days late. I think I knew I wasnt pg as has bad cramps on and off for 6 days. But as time went on you do get your hopes up. So am v disappointed but it obviously wasnt meant to be this month. So its back to day one and another month. Going to try and relax this month and not get so obsessed with ttc.
For all those still waiting to test good luck
BW x:


  • HI bw, Really sorry to hear that hun, hope ur ok. As u prob know im due af on saturday and not feeling hopefull as all the signs of an af are here. Its gutting isnt it, i defo agree wiv the no stressing nx month, its taking up to much of my time!! Good luck for nx month hun xxxx
  • hi Bookworm. Sorry to hear that your af has arrived. It makes you feel so down doesnt it? I definitely think that both you and woomummy are right about the stress thing.Last year i went away on holiday for 2 weeks to France having not had an af for 2 months. I was very stressed when i went away, had been using ov kits, counting days etc etc but whilst away i totally relaxed and we had a great time away. When i got back, i fell pg the work i returned totally unaware that i had ovulated or anything! Sadly, i went on to miscarry but it proves a point that when you are not consciously trying or getting hung up about things (work was also very sressful for me then) it happens perfectly naturally! Again, this year, work has totally stressed me out, been desperate to be pg again following the miscarriage last October and my afs stopped for 3 months! Just been to sunny Florida for 2 weeks, afs returned while i was out there which is great and i think i have had ov cm too so am just going to enjoy that special time with my man and let nature take its course (hopefully!!!! lol). So good luck to both of you and try not to think about it all too much (yeah right! lol). lots of love, bluebird xxxx
  • Hi BW, sorry to hear your af arrived mine arrived yest so was feeling a bit down too but a bit more positive today. Bluebird is absolutely right we all need to do some relaxin'! Anyway hope you feel ok and you can look forward to some more babymaking next week! xx
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