been away

Hi all you lovely ladies out there. Well i have had a break for a while has i had a miscarriage just before christmas at 10 weeks so i had to give myself a break as it got me really down. But im back now and thinking lots of positive thoughts. so sending all you lovely ladies lots of babydust. xx


  • Hi - nice to meet you.

    Sorry to hear of the mc. I know what a difficult thing it is to go through.

    Great to hear you've found some pma. Hope you get your well deserved bfp news soon. Take care and good luck trying

  • Hi hunni bee,

    So sorry to hear about your m/c. Hope the little break has lifted your spirits a bit and that you get a sticky BFP very soon. xx
  • Hi Huni Bee. I had a MC on the 4th of Feb....... just starting to get back to normal now and really looking forward to TTC again. Hope we both have sticky beans soon x:\)
  • good luck hnni bee & 3054 hope you get your BFP soon x
  • welcome back!

    I'm sorry to hear about the m/c - I'm just getting over an early m/c a few weeks ago so I have an understanding of what you'be been through...

    Fingers crossed you get a BFP real soon again - I've heard of so many women who have been through a m/c and then get pregnant soon afterwards again...

  • really sorry to hear about your mc

    welcome back and babydust xxx
  • welcome back hun hope the break did you good.

    sorry about the mc.heres to a sticky BFP for you ***BABY DUST***

  • Thank you to all you lovely ladies. i have much more PMA this time round i think the break did me some good. I know this month aint my time as the nasty witch got me this morning. sending all you lovely ladies lots of baby dust and hope we all get are BFP very soon.
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