q's about ov, ov pains, how long does an egg last? help pls


I have a few q's please if anyone can answer them ...

I have longish cycles, normally 34-35 days, so when i got an ache on my left side 4 days after expected ov last month i got my hopes up thinking it was implantation, then last month my cycle was 39 days so im guessing that it must have been ov pains, and i was kicking myself that we didnt bd for a few extra days.

now on this cycle i got a similar ache on my right side last night, and if this was ov pains it would mean another 39 day cycle this time, so im pretty sure it was ov. I've also been doing cheapy ov tests and although the line last night wasn't as dark as the control line, it was definately obvious, and the strongest that I have seen it previously.

I've never had ov pains before last month, so does the ache mean that the egg was actually being released during the ache?

how long does an egg last after release, some websites say 12-24 hrs, others say 24-28 hrs?

we couldnt bd last night as other half working late and a tetchy toddler with a cold, so have we missed the boat as the earliest we can bd now is tonight?

Our last BD was Saturday morning, which would be over 72 hrs before the ache started so im guessing that that attempt wouldn't be 'valid'?

any answers most welcome, i reeeally would love a christmas bfp xx


  • hello

    ov pain is no idication thats ov is happening, you can get this before, during and after acctual ovulation, the cheapie sticks are a bit rubbish and i never got a good positive on it.

    the egg can last 12-24 hours depending on the quality and sperm can last upto 5 days depending on the quality.

    A good way to establish OV is when you get EWCM it is said the last day of this indicates OV, i had cycles of 40+ and temped so i knew when to stop BDing

    hope thats helps and good luck x
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