Im pregnant!! and not even started trying!!

Oh my gosh ..

Came off the pill in june, plan was to have a few cycles then start trying after my period due 4th august.

Had sex only 2 x last month at end of the month (due to work etc) .... and im pregnant!

Really faint line on stick and clearblue says 1-2 weeks!!

Early days i know but how amazing!!

Feel over the moon, but also strange as we hadnt even started trying!

Was quite looking forward to BD'ing every 2 days!!

Good luck to everyone else out there!!


  • Wow, lucky you! Congratulations. We're about to go into month 10 image x
  • That's great news!

    The first time i fell pg i had come off the pill a couple of months before we started trying and we were using the withdrawal method randomly throughout the month! I couldn't believe it when my period was late and i tested and got a BFP!!


  • Thanks guys ...
    Lady2188 - we are the same!
    Had sex 3 times last month and used withdrawel technique, plan was to start ttc in august .. but fate had other ideas!!

    So excited, wishing you all good luck xxx
  • That's amazing, congratulations xx
  • Thanks for your lovely replies ..

    wisjing you all lots of luck ...

    Maybe i conceived because i was relaxed and not stressing about it??

    If anyone needs some ov sticks just meesage me your address and ill post you 20!

    Hannah xx
  • Congratulations. I could use a few sticks as I have no idea when I ovulate as its quite late in the month x is it ok to put address on here?
  • Congratulations. Wishing you a H&H pregnancy. All the best, xxx
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