HI girls,
Well seen a few bfps congrats!

I'M cd24 and 8dpo and trying 2 hold off testing lol


  • hiya hols, hold of testing.. it would likely give you a false negative.. as I read that one lady did a test on 12dpo and was bfn, then did a test on 13dpo and got her BFP.. so I think its good idea to wait until 14dpo or until you've missed a period.

    good luck
  • I'M due sat or sun so we will see x
  • hiya, good luck for testing, pls try hold of as long as u can xxxx
  • oooooooooooo GOOD LUCK

    there seems to be quite a few waiting to test.. due in march might be quite busy..

  • hi hols, i am cd24 also and 8dpo!!! i am hoping to wait until monday to test and would be sooooo proud of myself if i managed it!!!!!
  • Arrr, I am on CD 27, 13dpo. I really think she is coming but then again I have no signs. God this is painful!. x
  • its like the longest wait in history LOL.. feels like that to me anyway

    wish time would hurry on by

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