I got a BFPT

Big Fat Parking Ticket. Ra!!!!

I ran out of Agnus Castus yesterday morning in yesterday evening I went to Halland and Barrett to get some more. It was 5:25 and I knew I'd miss their closing at 5:30 if I went to a car park so the normally sensible me parked on a side street and it has now cost me ??50. Raaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

That's the most expensive bottle of Agnus Castus ever and my first parking ticket - this is what ttc does to you!

Sorry - just wanted to rant about it!

Anyone else done anything stupid as a result of ttc? :lol:



  • Ah mrs r I thought that was your bfp! image
  • I thought it was your BFP Mrs Robson! Poor thing getting that parking fine.
    Can't say that I've done anything stupid TTC but I do admit to having a handbag full of OPKs and around OV time I have to take my 'pee pot' into work so that's stuffed in my handbag too (wrapped of course!).
    Gosh, the things we do!
  • Hmmm, im not there yet-though only after one month of trying i can imagine im getting like that.
  • Hehehe!!! Hopefully one day it'll be a BFP!!! Until that day I suppose I'll just be an obsessed ttcer! xx
  • I thought it was your BFP too, got me all excited!! Haha, sorry about the parking ticket hun! Lets hope that AC does the trick, then you won't mind paying so much for it! :lol:
  • Ha ha me too Mrs r!! Rubbish about the parking ticket though image(

    E x
  • Hun, if the AC works and you get your BFP this month it will be the best ??50 you've ever spent :lol:

    Good Luck xx
  • Don't do that to me mrs! You are a daft bat! xxx
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