Any Chance?

Of a BFP this month for me?

I am about 10DPO and the only thing noticably different to any other month is the OV type pains that I am having. They're not in the same place as when I OV though. It's like a dull ache and occasional twinge just above my bikini line and slightly to the right... Other symptoms spotted are massive and sore (.)(.) and heartburn, bit of thick CM but the random feelings in my tummy is the only new one really.

Anyone else get this? Don't be scared to tell me if you get this before AF - I need to keep my head screwed on :lol: xx


  • Im not sure to tell the truth. I never feel anything before my AF, I just get spots on my chin. The only time i get sore there is when im OVing, so im not much help at all.

    The way i would think of it is that if YOU feel different then that could be something.

    And its not much longer to wait until you test, when do you think you will?

  • Going to try and wait until Sunday at least as I will be 14/15DPO though if I can hold off longer I will because AF usually arrives the same day I test :lol:

    Are you still AF MIA? xx
  • Yup!! its driving me crazy.

    Ive given up hope of thinking its cos im preg. I have no symptoms what so ever and im a bit sore so im just a bit worried something is wrong with me!! At least i got the Drs tomorrow,so they can give me a shake and send me on my way!

    Thats good you're waiting, i hope it all means good things though. Then it could be a stronger line! Fingers crossed.


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  • Ooh fingers crossed BB its your BFP xx
  • Sounds good! Fingers crossed for your bfp :\)
  • Fingressed crossed for you chic

  • Hi BB, how you getting on?
    Im tired out, but can't sleep. Ive got a strange pulling sensation in my tummy, but also lots of cm so not sure if its my mind running away with me. i promised myself i wasnt going to ttc this month, but when it came to cd16 - i had to get an opk out and tested pos, I didnt think i would this month after my last cycle.

    Anyhows hope youre well hun xx
  • Hey MrsLolly,

    How are you hun? What DPO are you now? I've been really tired but hardly slept too for past few days, not sure if it is me adjustiing to these early mornings now I'm back at work but OH is a light sleeper and says I've been fidgeting loads past few nights... Still getting the random tummy feelings and they could be described as pulling...

    I hope you get your sticky bean soon sweet, I was so sad for you last cycle xx

    Edited to add that I have also got 2 BIG spots and I never get spots :cry: xx

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  • Hi BB, you just brought tears to my eyes on your last starting to feel more positive, but not going to obsess like last month. its my 8th month of ttc and im hoping it will happen soon. i so much want my baby image im watching one of my best friends tummy growing each week and i just really want it to be me. if we got pregnant e would be past our 12 week stage by mothers day!!! how cool would that be?? and i could start announcing to friends. i plan to only tell close family about being pregnant once i hit 8 weeks, not before that. ive learnt my lesson.

    All sounds good on your end, I hope you get your bfp, you so deserve it and youve always been so good to me xx
  • Forgot to add that im now 12DPO, AF is due Sat and she has been coming on the dot, so if I haven't come on by Sunday well I will be testing, but I am going to try and wait for as long as possible. By Sunday at least I will be 15DPO. Good luck again hun xx
  • Forgot to add that im now 12DPO, AF is due Sat and she has been coming on the dot, so if I haven't come on by Sunday well I will be testing, but I am going to try and wait for as long as possible. By Sunday at least I will be 15DPO. Good luck again hun xx
  • image Mrslolly I am testing Sunday!!! Hopefully we can be bump buddies hehe!!

    I would so be wanting a mothers day present from OH if I was preg for then :lol: xx
  • Lol BB, I really hope we are going to be bump buddies....that would be awesome. How are you feeling?

    Im feeling a bit strange today, v mild cramps today and a brown /pink tinge in my cm too..oh and stuffy this morning when i woke up and was absolutely fine throughout the day..oh AND my (.) (.) are bigger and have blue veins showing and i have a dark complexion!!!!

    I promised myself I wouldnt do this to myself and ss, but just cant help myself!!! haha. xx
  • Sounding good :\) The pinky/brown CM could be implantation!! Really hoping it's your month hun!

    Not too sure how I am feeling today :\?

    Not had the strange tummy pains, have been bloated and gassy though and my (.)(.)'s are also very big :lol: I have big blue veins but I think the veins have been there for a while :roll: Still spotty as well which I'm not loving :cry:

    I'm going from one extreme to the next emotionally, one minute I'm really positive and thinking about what I would post on here when I get my BFP image and the next I'm planning what I will say to the Dr when I get to 18months TTC in Feb! It's not good :lol:

    Now I'm back to wanting to test tomorrow, certain I will see a line even at 12DPO! I'm going crazy I am sure lol! Wont be wasting a test tomorrow though, only got 2 - would rather wait and then on Sunday morning if AF isn't here I will test and if BFP I will test again!

    Ahhhhhh I wish it was Sunday tomorrow!!! xx
  • soar (.)(.) sound like u defo could be, mine were agony when i was preg, i'd test now if i were u, but use a 1st responce they're the best!! x
  • Haha lilly_kick you are a bad influence :lol: xx
  • OMG it must be bad if you are wishing the weekend away!!!! :lol:
    I wont dwell on it if its a BFN, it will hurt all the same but then I can concentrate on the SMEP for next month!!! image

    On the other hand, I really hope we have done it this month as I am really down at the moment with work, its just so depressing watching my friend's bump growing weekly....and its gutting when all she does is moan about being pregnant and she is only 22 weeks gone. I dont think she realises how much I want to have another baby, I know I sound really greedy when I already have a lo, but I have a dream to have three children....and DH & I have gone through so much and we have worked really hard to get where we have. Hopefully we will get there.

    I am the same as you at the moment, really positive one minute and then really pessimistic the next.....I feel a bit like an emotional wreck at the moment, but again I think thats because in my heart I really want to be pg, in my head i dont think i am, and then the above issue with my friend.

    If I did get my BFP I think Im not going to post about it straightaway, maybe not until Im 8 weeks or so...I say that but i dont know how im going to feel at the time...last time i was so close to posting it but something stopped me, it might have been cos it was 3 in the morning when i had tested and got a pos, but so glad i didnt now otherwise it would have made me feel worse!

    Ive only got cheapies at home....I want to wait til I am actually late to do a cb digital to see the word "pregnant"...i am going to try to test on sunday if i can hold out til then!! the earliest i will test is sat
    I am going to try and keep myself busy for the time being :lol:

  • I have Superdrug tests in the bathroom - they're calling to me lol! I think your experience last month has made me want to test later rather than sooner, I hope that doesn't sound horrible but I know the heartache that you went through with it and I would hate to have to go through it too.

    I understand what you mean about having to watch your friends bump grow, it's so hard. I remember especially well from when my sis was pregnant, that was the hardest :cry:

    And can I just add Mrs.. you can't be my testing buddy then not tell me :lol: you will have to email me and I will keep it zipped :\) xx
  • Right I am sending you an email now!!! lol xx
  • I really, really hope you both get you bfp this month! You both really deserve it.

    Wishing you all the luck in the world! :\)
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