FAO- ladies who have EARLY BFP's... how are you feeling?

I POAS this morning CD29, 10/11 days past OV. I got a faint line this morning using FR test. After last months chemical pregnancy i dont want to get my hopes up.

Fri i had some spotting after a wee- very faint watery blood?! Sorry for tmi!!! None since then. Few days after positive OV test i had some shooting pains to side of stomach. I am now having AF pains though not bad yet..... also have a headache which i normally get before AF is due.

It is so annoying that BFP's symtoms are similar to Af ones, its just not fair.

How are you all feeling after your BFPs? I know some of you also tested early...


  • Hi trying 82. I tested on sat at 9DPO and got quite a good line. Tested the next 2 days and got the same.
    I didnt really have any symptoms but I am shattered but that could be due to lack of sleep. Cant get it out of my head and end up all night thinking about it.
    I dont have sore ()() but I do have the odd cramp and if I move to fast it feels like I have pulled a muscle in my womb area. This is mormal as everything is starting to stretch (even at this early stage)

    You are def preg and I know you have been through hard times before but that does not mean it will happen again.

    CONGRATULATIONS and enjoy xxxx
  • Hi babylove. had some more spotting this morningbut the line was there again but still faint and if i am honest even more faint. I know AF is about to arrive just like last month!

    How far gone are you now?xx
  • Hi there

    what are your cycle lengths if you don't mind me asking?

    Thank you

    Have a fab nine months x c
  • 28-32 days but 34/35 last month with BFP! But then Af arrived....!

    On CD31 now... counting the days!Feel so bloated today my trousers actually hurt!
  • I've accepted my BFP on Saturday was a false positive now and I'm not actually pregnant. I've done three tests since then and they have all been negative, and I'm pretty sure AF will be with me tomorrow as I'm getting browny/pinky cm when I wipe today.
    Very disappointed, but its only month two so onwards and upwards, and stroppy complaint letter I have just sent to FR about false positives is making me feel so much better ha ha!
    Hang in there trying and LW, its still early days and hopefully everything will be OK. My heartfelt best wishes to everyone for sticky beans xxx
  • looby-sorry to hear that. I am scared that the same will happen to me. I wish i could stop testing so early then i wouldnt get my hopes up quite so soon. I really hope it stays a BFP!!
    xx Good luck girls
    LW- i have had some blood after wiping as well not everytime but i am now scared to go the toilet!!!!!!

    have had odd cramps all day like i have been sit-ups and feel so bloated! I am staying positive but also keep telling myself Af is on her way.....!

  • hay trying Glad u have a bfp thismorning again
    did u use the same type of test as yesterday?? and did u p in the night - maby y u got lighter line and also hsg is ment to go up every 48+ hours

    I understand the bloated image im sitting in pj's as my jeans hurt. And as for the pain's (too many sit-up's) Exactly how i feel :lol:
    Like i did wii fit toooo long image

    Really hoping this is sticky for you x
  • gem-s lol not sure work would appreciate me sitting in my PJ's at my desk lol!!!

    Yes did have a wee at 5am! Hope thats why. Feel really odd today hard to explain.

    Hope its sticky beans for us!! How far gone are you?
  • Stomach crmps now starting to feel like proper AF pains and had some more fint blood after wee and wipe....

    I know AF is on her way and its just like last month- wish i hadnt tested early....

  • I tested at 9 or 10 DPO last Tuesday and got my BFP on FR. I've since done 10 more tests! Thankfully the lines are getting much darker but still, I am shitting myself tbh! Every little pain or cramp I start worrying and I'm still checking my knickers every hr just to make sure there's nothing there. Just as I was starting to relax a little, I went onto DID today to find that 3 of our girls have lost their beans now image I'm just about back to square one! I'm just praying and hoping this pregnancy doesn't end like my last one did. I might even try and stay off here for a little while as it's doing me no good whatsoever. I really need to take my mind off being pregnant full stop. Sorry I probably haven't helped at all hun, I'm sorry. I really hope your bean is sticky one and huge congrats to all the recent BFP's! x x x x
  • With my son i had a bleed every 3 weeks MW told me i was having my af they were light but i blead so much...

    I am 5+1 image

    Keein fingers crossed for stickyness image
  • Really hope its a sticky one but dont have much hope to be honest- everything points at AF coming right on time. I have lost all PMA and just feel like crying.

    So happy for the rest of the BFP's!!! All very exciting!!!!!!xxx
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