Got my BFP this morning!

So, as the title says OH and I got a BFP this morning. So excited although still getting my head round it as really wasn't expecting it this month as had no PMA. This was our third month trying and for the first 2 months my cycles had been 28 days with a 10 day LP, but this month was first time using CBFM and I didn't get my peak until cd23 so was really thinking something wasn't right. We tested on cd32 and got a BPN and then again today on cd35 and got a fairly good line on a SD test.

In terms of what we did differently:
- Started taking Wellwoman vits to increase my Vitamin B levels for my short LP (was just taking folic acid before)
- BD'd every other day from cd9 to cd23 (peak), then everyday cd24, cd25. Each time I lay down for at least 20 mins afterwards (usuing went straight to sleep - didn't use a pillow as found it uncomfortable!)

Symptoms wise, I think no symptoms is definitely the new symptoms as I've not had anything that would stand out as different to the normal pre-AF feelings/cramps/CM. Slighly achy and veiny (o)(o) for a day or so a week ago, but nowt otherwise. Also for the past 2 days I've had bad cramps but really put that down to AF coming.

Annoyingly we're at a wedding this weekend and I'm panicking about how to avoid the alcohol comments. Just went for dinner with some friends and although i drove they were surprised I didn't have a drop of wine with my meal and saved a glass for me and I'm sure they looked at eachother oddly when I refused....any iodeas for the weekend would be much appreciated!!

Anyways,sorry for the essay, but wanted to be helpful to others. Lots of baby dust to everyone, and although I havn't 'talked' a lot on here the advice and support is amazing.

x x


  • Congratulations, that's brill news! All the best to you and your new baby!

  • congratulations on getting your bfp this morning image x
  • congrats hun heres to a H&H 9 months
  • Congratulations hun. Dont have much advice about the wedding apart from what the others have suggested.

    Good luck and have a H&H 9 months xxx
  • Congratulations! Thanks for posting details, whenever ladies get their BFPs it makes me wonder how they did it lol Good luck and enjojy the weekend xxx
  • The good old cbfm eh! Mine hasn't worked this mont for some reason? Hasn't asked me to poas once !

    Congratulations hun, lots of love
  • Congratulations - maybe say your on antibiotics for an ear infection! That way you wouldnt show outward symptoms!
    I found out recently that one of my friends was pg at my wedding at the start of April, i didnt notice but a few close friends who were on the table seemed to have an idea but no-one said anything I hope no-one would be that tactless!!xxx
  • Hi hun, congrats!!

    You could make sure you go to the bar for your own vodka and lemonade, just without the vodka image Or have a glass of wine beside you and when no-one is looking swap it with your OH's half empty glass. Another idea would be always carrying a glass with you and take little walks and casually leave it sitting somewhere, that way it looks like your drinking loads and are drunk enough to keep losing your drink :lol: xx
  • congratulations xx
  • oooo congrats! we went out on sat after i got my bfp last tues, just kept telling hubby i wanted a vodka and lemonade, in front of people, then he just got me a lemonade, easy! x
  • Congratulations on your BFP!! Thank you for sharing your symptoms and experience.
    The ideas above are good side-steps to avoid telling everyone you got your bfp! Or be the driver.
    Enjoy the wedding and h&h 9 mths xx
  • congrats hun xxxx
  • congrats on you bfp and i hope you have a h & h 9 months
    luv clare
  • Congratulations x
  • fantastic news congratulations! X
  • congrats huni xx u can say vodka and lemonade, vodka and coke, vodka and cranberry juice, just always make sure ur carryin a glass with you that way no one can offer to buy u a drink lol
  • Either that or you've had a blinding headache all day so have taken some strong painkillers for it - you cant risk drinking with them! I used that excuse last time I was pg when i went out for a family meal. Plus it excused me looking pale and tired towards the end of the evening :\)

    Congrats on your BFP hon - when are you due? xx
  • Thanks everyone! plus some really sneaky ideas for my wedding dilema - I'll deff make sure I always have a drink with me so nobody offers to get me drink!

    Garfield - think I'm due 27th Jan. Called the docs this morn and I've got an appt tomorrow evening but have no idea what will happen in the appt! So so tired and frinding it really hard to concentrate at work due to excitment, tiredness and cramps! The joys! x
  • ooh congrats!!! xxx
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