Introducing myself !

Hello ladies,
I have been a member of BE for a while but forgot my passwords etc. so had to change my username. My partner and I have one dd who is 17 months old and we are currently trying for another. I never went back on the pill after having our LO and at the beginning of the year we decided not to use anything and thought what will be will be. I fell pregnant in February but sadly MC at about 8 weeks. We have been very casually trying ever since but not had any luck yet. This month we have decided to really go for it so fingers crossed :\)


  • Welcome to be image sorry to hear bout ur mc sending lots of babydust ur way
  • Thank you Kels, how long have you been trying? Will this be your first? x
  • sorry to hear about ur mc, good luck with ttc and welcome xxxxxx
  • welcome over and good luck x
  • Welcome hunni, sorry to hear about your mc but sending lots of babydust your way and hope you get your BFP soon xx
  • Welcome! Lots of babydust being sprinkled your way!! xx
  • Hi I'm a newbie, married 17th July, just back from Honeymoon and 1st month TTC #1, I'm 36 so just hoping to have some luck on my side xx
  • welcome good luck TTC

  • Hi there! Good luck to you. We're ttc our 2nd too, have a 19 month old. On month 2 ourselves. Sending out baby dust!! X
  • Hello!
    Just joined be and loving these chat rooms. We have an 11 year old daughter, an 8 year old son and we have just started trying (in last 2 days) for baby number 3! At 33 years old I feel that I still have plenty of energy for a third one and can't wait for it to happen. Like many ladies, I am so impatient though and have already started counting days etc - not good so early on but I fell pregnant straight away with my other 2 so am almost expecting it to happen again. Fingers crossed.
    It is so exciting!
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