Back in business

Hello all
I was on this board back in Feb/March, popped over to the November forum for a while but sadly was not to be.
Anyway AF has come and gone, I'm on day 17 and waiting for my little monitor to give me some encouraging news. At the moment it might as well be flashing up 'er, who are you again?' on the screen, the little swine.
I know there's a credit crunch and all but if anyone has any baby dust going spare I'd love it!


  • hi sorry about your loss. here have some of my PMA i feel that i have alot to give out this month (feeling hopefull). ****baby dust****
  • hello and welcome back (although i wish you weren't here in the nicest possible way... sorry to hear about loss)
    lots of PMA and sticky babydust to you, i hope you get your sticky healthy BFP soon xxxx
  • Hi and welcome back, so sorry to hear about your news. Hope the monitor tells you something nice soon adn you get a sticky BFP real soon. Fingers crossed for you and a big cyber hug.
  • welcome back egg. Here, have some sticky babydust from me!

    Good luck hun, hope you're not here for long image xxx

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