Have we missed the boat this month?

Hi Ladies,

New to all this ttc business and although we are being 'relaxed' about it I'm a bit gutted that I think we have no chance at all this month...

Last period started 16th June
BD'd on 19th & 20th
Then I went on holiday with a friend until yesterday.... image great holiday! but will I have ov'd while away?
BD'd again yesterday and today
28 day cycles

Can anyone let me know if i'm likely to have missed the chance this weekend?

Thank you!! xx


  • Hi hon, I am no expert, but if you are regular 28 days then you'd ov from around day 14 from your first day of yoor AF.
    But since it is not everyone does ov on the day 14 it is anything from CD1O in your case 25th june to CD16, some ladies even later so until 1july or so..
    So you have not necessarily missed it..
    Good luck xx
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