The Pill & Angus Castus...

Hi girls, a couple of questions for you...

How long do you think it takes for the pill to get out of your system? i have been on the pill for 11 years, came off it last sept but as yet no BFP!

Also...what is Angus Castus, herbal supplement, does this help regulate periods? mine are all over the place but only since January it has been like that, after i had what the doctors suspect was a chemical miscarriage

Any help greatley appreciated.....
Good Luck! xxx


  • Hi Mobile
    Will the pill - i think everyone is just different, there is some evidence to suggest that people are actually more fertile just aftre they stop taking the pill - so for them it must come out of the system pretty quickly, however for others it can take much longer.....
    No help with AC I'm afraid.
    good luck with ttc
  • Hi mobile,
    Like Mobo09 said everyone is different when coming off the pill. Some people go straight back into a normal cycle others like me take months and months. I think it can take up to a year to settle back down. Hope you are one of the luck ones. Agnus Cactus is a herbal supplement and you can get it from most herbal shops like Holland & Barrett. You take it from cd1 up to when you ovulate. Not to be taken after ov as i think it can be harmful during pregnancy. Think it is to regulate cycles. Quite a few people taking it on here. I did but then gave up.
  • oo I ovd last week and I'm still taking it, I didn't realise you were supposed to stop after you ov!
  • Thanks Guys, might give it a whirl!! Good Luck xx
  • You should stop taking Agnus Castus once you ovulate just incase you are pregnant. I have been taking it for 2 months anmy period was a little longer last month (a day) so I am hoping it is longer this month if I don't get pregnant.

    The real advice is to take agnus Castus for 3 cycles continually without TTC, then stop on the 4th month when you ovulate, but understandbly stopping trying can be really difficult.
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