i know it's silly but i feel disppointed

This month was our first month ttc and we didn't get pregnant unfortunately, I know that I am being silly feeling so disppointed because hardly anyone does it first time but i can't help feeling a bit down and really disppointed. my husband has been fab and trying to make me feel better by saying at least we can have lots of fun trying again this month. i am wondering whether we should get a CBFM to help us but OH says we should wait a few more months to see if we can do it on our own first. I think i just need a good slap!! lol

If anyone has used a CBFM are they good and would you reccommned them? Also has anyone got a BFP without using any ov predictor things?

thanks for reading x

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  • Hey happilyhappy, I think we all get that little thought in our head that its going to be easier then we think to TTC, so when it doesn't happen on the first month it can hit. I agree with your OH, wait a few more months before thinking about getting a CBFM. I think most ladies will wait till about 6 months to get one, saving money I spose incase it just happens lol :lol: And in answer to your other question, loads of ladies fall pregnant without using ov predictors, lots including me use a calander and work it out by what the body is doing, which helps you learn more about your body and then soon you'll know excatly what its doing :\) Hope this is ok for you and good luck for month 2!
  • Thanks xsamix for your kind comments, i think we will wait a bit before getting a CBFM - roll on month 2!! xx
  • I know how you feel...I just finished month 2 (AF is in the house as we speak...urgh!!) and it felt like the world had collapsed for a day or so.
    I so wanted to be one of those women who fall pg straight away but no.
    I only use a calendar and try to chart my temps (which really do not make so much sense yet) and won't think about a CBFM for now at all...maybe later.
    This forum is full of lovely supporting ladies and we are all in the same boat...babydust your way! xxx
  • I wouldn't rush out and buy a CBFM. I understand your frustration I just got my BFP after 5 months and like you I wondered beforehand whether to get one. My advice to you would be to chill out a bit, I know it's easier said than done but it really does work. Last month I decided to have a month of not really trying and we must only have BD'd 3 times the whole month and it worked. But I honestly would put it down to the fact that I'd taken the pressure off. Remember it's meant to be fun.
    Good luck. x
  • Hi Happilyhappy,

    I know how you feel, hubby and I always said we wanted a baby straight away after our wedding and I never really put much thought to it as I thought we would get pregnant easily. So four months on and it hasnt really happened and we are now realising that there is a little window of opportunity each month and we just need to catch it! It will happen when it is supposed to but it is difficult to keep that positivity going. Have some comfort that there are other women out there who feel the same and are finding it difficult and tedious too. To be really honest I didn't realise there was only one wee window of opportunity each month, a bit silly of me and hubby we thought it was easier than that to get pregnant! doh x
  • Hi...

    You are not alone, I am exactly the same...I was in tears this month as I wanted so much to give my OH an awesome birthday present...

    But you get back up & think positive again soon enough. My problem is a few of my friends & got PG just recently, by accident or with no problem at all so it makes it doubley frustrating image

    At the moment I am positive it will happen & we've only been trying properly for 2 month, but not preventing for about 6 months...

    I have bought a CB Digital OPK so we'll see how that goes this month image

    Fingers crossed for everyone trying.

    x x
  • thanks everyone, I also didn't realise there was only a little window each month until i came on here and I have had to explain it to hubby as he had no clue!!

    Sending baby dust to you all x
  • Yeah happilyhappy I am glad I'm not the only one who was a little clueless when it came to the "window of opportunity" each month, that's made me smile!

    Oh and Bondmardybum I too have a friend who's pregnant at the min and it happened quite unexpected for her and my two best friends had their little ones no problem and it is frustrating.

    Chin up ladies, be happy, PMA, Baby Dust and don't forget lots and lots of bding!!! x
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