got to go hospital for more tests :\(

title says it all, just got an appintment thru for the 12th of july at the recurrent miscarrige clinic, gota have bloods taken between days one and four of my next cycle, dont no why tho?? will be teseting on 5th of july so hopefully get bfp b4 then.

i no it is a sensitive subject for people but can any1 tell me what to expect at the appointment who has been thru this b4? i dont want to upset people with bad memories but could really do with some support


  • awww im so sorry sweetie, tbh i have no clue about the app, but didnt want to r&r. hopefully going to the docs they can sort it for u so u get a stcky bean image xxxxx
  • Sorry to hear what you are going through hun, likle mrs*me* I dont know what will happen but just wanted to send you a good luck message and hoping it all gets sorted for you xxxx
  • Hi hun,

    I've never been myself so not sure what to expect but please don't worry. If they're doing tests then that can only be good. The sooner a solution is found the better for you hun and i really hope it gets sorted quickly!

    In the meantime i hope you get a sticky BFP and you don't need the tests!
  • Hi Sally, I have been going through a similar thing I just had another 11 tubes of blood drawn yesterday (cd2 bloods) On there were lots of protein analysis, antibody analysis, various hormone analysis and a chromosome analysis - that's what I recall from looking at the form. In my last set of tests they found I had mixed connective tissue disease (only a minor form) but I went to see a rheumatologist and she also found something that could cause problems in the 2nd trimester, although I haven't actually got that far - 11 wks has been the longest I have carried so far.

    At the appointment they asked me a lot of questions about medical history, dh's history (might be an idea to take your oh with you), did a urine analysis and asked about the MC's and got all my notes from the last doctor. Because we can get pg they didn't want to do a SA on dh but they do want him to get a chromosome analysis done which is just a blood draw.

    I got back in a week for a sono-histogram on cd10 which is where they will inject dye into my uterus while doing a sonogram/ultrasound to check for any abnormalities which the uterus.

    I hope that helps. Good luck and feel free to ask me any more questions you might have.
  • Ah hun hope all goes well for you xxxx
  • didn't want to r&r, hope all goes well at your appt hun xx
  • Hi huni not any help im afraid but good luck for your app and hopefully you will get some answers. image x
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