Also fed up....

and wondering if we've not done it this month.

Am now on CD 16 of a 27/28 day cycle. I had blood tinged EWCM on CD12/13. So I think I ov Tues or Weds but am not 100% sure.

We BD'd on CD 11, 12 &13, but have not been able too since as I've been too sore with this blasted UTI. Doc has put me on antibiotics.

May see if we can have a go tonight, but I'm fearing we may have missed the boat, or not done enough. What does everyone think?

Looby x


  • I definately think there should be enough sperm there hun. Sperm can live for days so try not to worry. I was worrying about the same thing.
    Hope you get better soon.

    Ps. Im on CD16 of a 29 day cycle xxx
  • Thanks babylove, its nice to hear am not the only one worrying. Its just so annoying to know I've been at that crucial time and not to able to get in as much BD as would've liked. Anyway, here's hoping....xx
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