ICSI. Has anyone tried it?

I need advise and would like to hear from you all if you have tried getting pregnant using this method. ICSI is called Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)
This is a fairly new method of assisted conception. It's similar to IVF, but with ICSI a single sperm is injected into the egg under a microscope. This approach is used when a low sperm count, or sperm with poor motility, is the problem

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  • Sorry DIy, i've never heard of it.

    What does ICSI stand for?
  • Yea I haven't heard of ICSi either?
  • Hi, im having my firsy ICSI treatment at the moment, i started daily injections on the 31st March and since the 15th im having 2 daily injections.
    Its really not too bad but many side effects! However im currently having accupuncture twice a week so its really helping.
    I have my egg collection on the 28th of this month and egg transfer on the 30th. My husband and i have been trying to conceive for 3years so keep your fingers crossed for us.
    If you would like to ask me any questions DIy then please feel free hun. x
  • Sorry hun i ment to say first ICSI treatment not firsy!! lol
  • Good luck ladies with the ICSI. xx
  • Thanks guys. Babym and Mrs Amanda, I am so glad that i am not alone. I startedmy programme on the 25th of march with daily injections and loads of scans to c how the follicles are growing. its all positive. my eggs would be collected on the 28th and the transfer on the 30th as well. I am glad i have someone to tlk to while we are waiting for the 2weks b4 the Big Fat Positv result come mid may. And goodluck to other people out there. Amanda, its not all that bad, it just improves our chances.
  • Hi ladies, can someone explain what ICSI is?? Have had a look at my hospitals website, and it only has cost (??750 per cycle), but info on what exactly ICSI is....

    Sorry to intrude... xx
  • Ladies I simply wish you all the luck in the world you deserve it please keep us posted ...XX
    continued intrution ---- blimey boo that sounds like good value if the clomid doesn't work ours will be ??3200 yikes
  • Ahhhhh looks like I am looking at total costs mrs amanda which is the way they express it. Then as you say drugs scans etc on top of the cost.
    Think my piggy bank just ran away
  • Hi, as previously mentioned im having ICSI treatment at the moment, mine is free on the NHS, im entitled to two free goes but fingers crossed it works first time. Ive currently only got 4 more days of injections left, until my egg retreival.
    Ive got my last scan on the 24th of this month.
    I went for a scan yesterday and it shown i had 10-12 good sized follicles which is fab. My tummy is so bloated though i can hardly fasten my trouser and i feel absolutely knackered. Keep your fingers crossed for me girls. x x
  • Hi MrsAmanda, Yes my husband and i are very fortunate to be having icsi on the nhs. We were put on the waiting list in Feb 07 and was told there was a 2 year wait but 12months later we received a letter saying we had reached the top of the list. We then started treatment 6weeks after. (were both 29)

    I began 8am daily injections of Burselin on Mon 31st March to down regulate my cycle. (i think your having the nasal spray instead) I wasnt offered this! I was having these injections until the 15th April.
    Then i dropped to half the dosage and also began other injections, Menopur daily at 8am to. This is to stimulate my ovaries which i think is what your injections wil be for if im right?

    Ive got another 4 days left of these injections and cant wait, im so bloated and starting to feel abit crap in myself.
    Feel abit like a pin cushion at the moment as im also having accupuncture twice a week to as its ment to be really good along side ivf/icis.

    Any other questions please feel free to ask me hun and good luck to you aswel, its such an emotional journey but one that wil be worthwhile if i receive a BFP test at the end of it. ;o)
  • Hi MrsAmanda, is the nasal spray to down regulate your cycles as thats what i did the first 2 weeks of April only i used injections. Ive read online that you can use the nasal spray to down regulate but i was just automatcially put onto the injections.
    Which are fine by the way if you are doing them yourself? Im an expert doing them by now. ;o) So couple of tips for you.....
    Make sure you have no air in the syringe as if you do it does sting a fair bit!
    Also once the needle is in, inject very slow as this lessons the sting and also reduces bruising.

    Good luck on Thursday. x

  • Hi, you'll be fine with the injections im sure, the needles are very fine and you hardly feel anything.
    Let me no how you get on with the 1st one and dont worry, you'll be a pro by the end of the fortnight. ;o)
  • we went thru icsi and although there was alot of injections involved it wasn't as bad as i thought. the needles are small and mostly painless(use ice to numb area first if you fear the pain)i used ice at first but then didnt bother. be positive. the injections help you ovulate a number of eggs at one time, they are then removed and inspected. the best will be fertilsed with the best sperm and 1 or 2 put back, if any are left over you have the option of having them frozen for the future.our battle was not just low sperm but i had polycystic ovaries aswell. we were lucky it worked first time and i am due in 8wks. good luck don't stress
  • Hi julespearse, im having 2 eggs transfered on the Weds 30th! At my scan on Monday gone i had 10-12 decent sized eggs. I have another scan tomorrow (24th) and then egg collection on the 28th!
    Do you mind me asking how many follicles you had and how many eggs? Also how old are you hun? me and my hubby are both 29.
    The nurse on Monday said 10-12 eggs on the first scan was good but its such a stressful journey as you no.
    Congrats on it working first time, you must of been over the moon.;o)
    I hope some of your luck rubs off on me. ;o)
  • Hi, my hubby has low sperm motility but his count is normal. I could have blocked tube(s) due to bowel surgery in my teens but i decided not to find out as after trying to conceive naturally for 3years, we were told icsi is are best chance
  • Hi All.
    The process is the same with me, dowm regulation of body hormones and then stimulation of the ovaries. I was put on the pill for about 14 days then told to go off it and then waited for my period, then the Decapeptly injections(still ongoing, 28) each to be injected each night at 830pm, i did that for about 2wks, then started on Monogon HP30, for 10 days which i have 2 days remaining of that and the Decapeptyl for anoda 2 days. I feel bloated, moody and still cry. I went for the blood tests today and 8 follicles are ripe and waiting to be harvested on Monday. Going with my hubby as he has to donate some fresh sperm to fertilise my eggs, the transfer is expected a couple of days after the haevest.
    I hope this works first time for me2. My injections are expensive, I was told by NHS that i had 18months so i opted for private care outside the UK, i am currently in Europe and have been since the treatment started, will be back home in the UK after the BFP resuld mid May.
  • Hi DIy, as mentioned previously, im having my egg collection on the 28th and egg transfer on the 30th.
    I had a scan on Mon 21st which shown i had 10-12 follicles, 8mm in size which the nurse was pleased with.
    Today i went back for my last scan before Mon and i had 15 follicles, 16-20mm in size, the hospital said id done really well so im very pleased.
    How many follicles did you have in total hun?

    Im to very bloated and ive had horrible low backache for the last 2 days but fingers crossed it'll all be worth it.

    Best of Luck
  • hi everyone

    I wanted to post a positive message for everyone doing ICSI to hopefully help you through your treatment, my husband and i had been trying to conceive for 6 years we had 4 failed IUIs 1 failed IVF and finally on our last attempt we had ICSI my final treatment did not look successfull as not many follicles of which we only had 6 eggs of which only 2 were healthy embryos, both embryos were put back and guess what i am now 23 weeks pregnant with twins, i guess what im trying to say is never give up believing it will work, i also found regular reflexology and reiki helped me with the stress and emotional strain which i think is more horrific then the side effects. The only other advice i can share is be healthy and relax as much as you can.

    I really wish you all the best of luck
  • Thankyou so much for that ellieg and i really hope im as lucky as you. Its such an emotional journey as you know!

    Ive been having acupuncture for the last 6weeks which has helped me so much, particulary with all the side effects of the drugs and keeping me calm.

    Many thanks again and best of luck for the birth of your miracle twins. x
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