TTC over xmas parties & alcohol???

Okay at first it may seem like a random question but we have 3 xmas parties to attend plus visiting family etc over xmas and I am just wondering what to do drink wise???

I don't want to rubbish my chances or harm a potential pregnancy but I don't want to not drink and lie to family/friends/work colleagues about not drinking.

When I thought I could be pg last week I didn't drink when we went for our usual after work drink in the local and I didnt mind not drinking - although my colleagues were shocked!

Is it okay to just have a couple of drinks while TTC?


  • Thanks for posting Mrsallen08 as I want exactly the same question answering! I have cut out my drinking totally since ttc (end of Sept 09) but it's gonna be sooooo noticeable to others! xx
  • I am also wondering what to do. I have cut my alcohol right down and hardly have any at all now. However my Xmas do's with family and friends will be a tough one as they usually revolve around a good few drinkies, lol! I'm thinking i'll see where abouts i am in my cycle at the time and then decide from there. If i decide not to drink then i'll probably fib and say i am on antibiotics for a water infection as nobody tends to pry too much then!

    I'll be interested to see what others are planning on doing. x
  • Thanks ladies, after working myself up last week thinking I was pg then gutted being BFN! (6 of!!!)
    I have had a glass of wine a night over AF, was either that or buy out cadburys!

    Well my first xmas party is Nov 21st which will be ovulation so a few drinks won't matter then and after that ill just have to see how it all falls...

    I just didnt want to end up in January having the most dull xmas and still no nearer pregnant than before! I could do the tee-total thing if I was pregnant because I could see the purpose and behave but without that incentive I dont think I can do it!

    **I am not advocating that if you don't drink you are dull - I just do enjoy socialising a lot with a couple of drinks !**
  • I don't think I'm going to any christmas parties this year but I have an excuse that I don't want to get wasted as I don't want to have to deal with a hangover and a 9month old!!
    I do think the anti - biotics one is a very good one and no one will question you if you say that.
  • This question has popped into my head as we're starting to TTC. I've come to the conclusion that if I do choose to have a drink it will be 1 or 2. I don't want having alcohol in my system to be the reason I don't conceive (although I know many get pg whilst doing that exact thing!) or the reason my baby isn't healthy. Saying that I hated not being able to drink when I was pg and there's no saying we'll get pg now.

    With my 1st I was unaware I was pregnant until I was 3 weeks and it fell around New Year.
    My body was well aware of the situation though and after 1 drink I felt so drunk and I was throwing up! Cue my suspicions of being pg...

    I don't know, it's a toughie!
  • Great post, I'm wondering exactly the same!

    I have four Xmas parties to go to this year and it will be very obvious that not drinking. I also have my birthday! I've cut out all alcohol since ttc (on firs month now) and I'd hate to drink and then find out we have ben lucky!

    I think I may get a glass of wine and then just slow sip it, if people ask I'll say it's been topped up. If any coincide with af then I will have a couple of drinks though, as long as I can be sure.

    Funnily enough my testing date for this month is my birthday and the or in December is Christmas day so at least I will know by each day! I've told my two best friends that we are trying so they will be able to cover for me on my birthday if need be!

    K xx
  • hi girls

    Just wanted to add my input.... i didnt change my habits while TTC. The way i look at it is that now i'm pregnant i have to face at least the next 8mths without alcohol (possible more coz i would love to breastfeed) so i didnt want to deprive myself of anything until i saw that positive test.
    If you saw my BFP post then you'd know that i got my BFP while on holiday - and i was drinking on holiday until the day i saw those 2 lines.... and then i stopped straight away.

    I think it's lovely that you're throwing yourself into TTC so whole-heartedly but remember that it could take a while - so enjoy your xmas parties! Perhaps just dont get so drunk that you're sick over your manager's shoes (as i did 2yrs ago....oops...)

    Good luck!

  • hiya mrskp its my birthday this month too!
    Im the 20th so you must be near me! It should be our 'most fertile' time! lol

    Thanks for all the posts and honesty too.

    Im thinking that as long as I know Im not pregnant its okay to have a couple of drinks. I have a good diet and exercise so Im in pretty good shape plus I don't smoke or take drugs so surely Im allowed one vice!!!
  • You must have posted at same time as me Broody!
    Thank you so much for your input! Makes me feel a lot better now - and less guilty. I would also like to breatsfeed so likewise it could a long time before a good ole night out!

    Also slightly O/T but i was also sick outside a managers office a few years ago with *the worst ever hangover* TBH I thought I had done quite well seeing as I had made it so far from the shopfloor and up two flights of stair before barfing!
  • Ha ha, oh the joys of alcohol....

    RIP my hangovers (until 2010)!!!! :lol:

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