17DPO and no AF or BFP

Am i still in with a chance do u think??? or is my body just being really cruel to me this month. Not been a week late before! image



  • Hi hun, I would say you are still in with a chance sometimes it can take a little while for a bfp to show up.

    It isn't over till the witch arrives, fingers crossed for you x
  • Thanks hunny, hope u get some answers soon too xxx
  • Mine was 6 days late last month and I got BFN when I tested - I tested after 4 days late and 2 days later the witch appeared!

    I am testing on Monday for this month but kinda just guessing when AF is/meant to be coming!

    Fingers crossed for you Pickle. xx
  • Just wish she'd show up so i can get on to another cycle! argh a week late today and still BFN, no sign of her coming either really xxx
  • When was the lst time you tested? This must be killing you, hope you're ok. Are you thinking of going to the dr?
  • My fingers are still crossed for you Pickle! AF not being here means you are still in with a chance. When my AF was late I was looking it up and so many women don't get a BFP untill ages after AF was due!
    GOOD LUCK xxx
  • I tested at about 13DPO the 1st time and then i was really good and didnt test again until this morning but still nothing. Maybe my body is stressed, been thinking about it too much. I cant see it turning into a BFP now!! xxx PS. thanks Mrs Cake, good luck for your new cycle!! xxx
  • Are you going to test again? x
  • Not for a couple more days, i dont really see the point! Hoping she'll turn up soon otherwise im going to miss a month....argh x
  • sorry for gatecrashing! i think (think being the main word here) that i am 18dpo and have no af and no bfp not sure whats going on with my body! so am interested reading what u all have said. wish af would either just show up or id get that bfp!

    edited because i miscalculated by a few days!

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  • Hey Mrs L, hope u too get an answer very very soon!!! xxx
  • Hey Pickle, do you think maybe you should test again with a Superdug test as they are uber sensitive, maybe in the morning with FMU?

    Good luck hunny, I have everything crossed for you

  • Hey rainbow lovely to hear from u, hope all is well with u. Thats what i used this morning and absolutely nothing. Starting to get a bit upset now, my cycles have been 'perfect' for ages now and again its messed up image i didnt think i was stressed about it at all, i knew we BD at exactly the right times, i know when i ovulated so there was no problem image xxx
  • Oh sweetie, try not to get upset with it all. Might it be worth a trip to the doctors if you're so worried? Do you have any symptoms, or would you prefer to not think about them. I'm sorry for all the questions, but I'm not sure what to advise hun.

    Sending you lots of hugs tho

  • No symptoms really, of either hehe i am in a pickle arent i!!! Oh well im just gonna hang on in there and wait....i dont wanna go running to the doctor just yet, i guess really a week late isnt that bad, so im just going to see what happens. And carry on BD ing i hink, that may either bring it on or at least cheer me up haha!! xx
  • Hi hun, I know how you feel, my cycles were always perfect, I was never a day late in my life...until my last cycle, at 21dpo AF still hadn't shown up and I had BFN's, it's awful being stuck in limbo like that. My AF finally arrived at 22dpo, no idea why the witch was so cruel but really really hope it's just a little shy bean you have in there xx
  • I hope its a shy little bean for you.

    x x x
  • I hope its a shy bean too Pickle! image xx
  • aww thanku everyone you're always so so kind! Obv i desperately want a bean but i'd be just as please to see AF too now its been so long! xxx
  • Hi Pickle

    I think most Doctors will only test you with a POAS HPT if you go and tell them you've had BFN's. You'd probably have to wait a bit longer before you could push them to give you a blood test.

    I was 12 days late (or 26DPO) before AF got me last month, and I've been a week late twice before - I've found a few accounts of ladies who had such low HCG levels that they never got a positive POAS test - only blood test. It's rare but it happens. HCG levels are supposed to double each week until 12 weeks, then they drop. So if you have very low levels - it may take some time to get the BFP.

    Basically til AF gets you - you are still in the running!!

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