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I've been naughty :(

I can't help it, I've been symptom spotting! I've been really, really good up until last night when my boxxobs suddenly started hurting. I usually get sore boobs around ov, but not after and not around af.

I'm 9dpo and last night in bed (yet another sleepless night thanks to the flu!) my nipples got really sensitive in the wee hours of the morning, and even my t-shirt was hurting them! Thats all subsided but now I've got quite painful cramps. A bit like af except shes not due until next Tuesday or so, and these ones are very uncomfortable at times and somehow different if that makes sense? They're on my left side (the same side I got ov pains on this month), kinda hard to describe exactly where though. I've had a few brief moments of nausea but am largely putting that down to the flu and the fact that I've barely eaten and had waaay too many sugary drinks over the last three days. I felt really ill last night in bed though. I spent the whole night propped into a sitting position and didn't untie my hair just in case, because I kept getting sicky feelings in my throat.

I feel like I've got quite a bit more cm than I would expect for this part of my cycle too,but i haven't really checked since I oved except for yesterday when there was quite a bit of creamy cm much to my surprise.

I did a fr this morning and got a bfn but have to pop to boots now to pick up more paracetamol and strepsils so I'm going to use it as an excuse to drop into tescos, which is across the road, and buy some of their hpts. If people from work spring me I can always say I'm buying more flu drugs, which technically would be true.

I'm trying so hard not to get my hopes up... I was surprised at how down I felt at my bfn this morning, but its not over until the witch arrives so my pma is right up there again atm! image


  • Lol good luck hun it is still very early so you are still in with a chance xx
  • Good luck, hope you feel better soon too.

    I also "haven't" been symptom spotting and have lots of the ones that you describe. OF COURSE 9dpo is too early - MUST be as I have just had a bfn at 10dpo!!
  • Oh its so early. They sound like good symptoms and I had bfn at 12dpo with lo.
    When are you going to test again?
    Everything crossed.xxxxx
  • no symptom spotting for me this month not after last months high hopes. Its so tempting though!

    I really hope these are all great signs for you and a BFP is about to come your way, the best start ever to the new year

    good luck

  • Just went out to tesco and bought some tests. I'm going to wait until Friday to test again - would normally just forget about it until af arrives (or doesn't) but i'm hopeful of that ever elusive bfp in time for dh's birthday.

    Still trying not to think about it now!
  • good luck. xxx
  • Good luck hun, really hope you get your BFP xx
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