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Could thrush be a sign of pregnancy???

Hi ladies

I've not had a problem with thrush for years :\? but i heard that it can be a sign,of PG, but have any of you girlies heard this? I guess i'm so desperate for positive signs but I don't want to get my hopes up!! I'm driving myself slowly mad - lol :lol:

I have been having other symptoms too like, nausea, tiredness and cramps, but i think it might be to early for PG signs (my AF is due in 9days) What do you think?

Just out of curiosity, how long have you all been ttc for??


Ps, Congrats to all of you that got your BFP this week!! :\) image


  • Hi, I have the same problem at the moment and also had it at about week 6 in my last pregnancy. I have googled it and come up with this -

    Am going to take it with a pinch of salt though to be honest as it becomes all too easy to get your hopes up for no good reason.

    3dpo might be a little early for symptoms but everyone is different.

    We have been ttc baby no2 since January with a mmc in April.

    Good luck.
  • Thanks, that was really helpful, when we decided to start ttc my train of thought was it can take months and i wont get my hopes up but i have turned into an obsessed woman, lol. How do you all do it???

    Thankfully i am gonna have a couple of really busy weeks, have friends coming over from NZ for the week and a wedding so hopefully it will take my mind off symptom spotting.

    Whats mmc, sorry im new and still getting used to the lingo, lol

  • MMC means missed miscarriage Sorry - I shouldn't have abbreviated, the abbreviations are a nightmare at first but they don't take long to learn!

    I think everyone naturally has very high hopes at first and lots of people do fall very quickly so you may not be disappointed yet. Good luck - hope you manage to stay busy!


  • Hi hun and welcome to the forum!!
    I'm fairly new here too and loving it!!
    It took me 3 months to fall pregnant last year but i had a mmc and we are on cycle 1 off ttc again!
    I dont know if thrush is but i know urine infections can be! Good luck honey!
  • Thanks girls, im really lovin BE too.

    Tink, i had cystitis for past couple of days and started to sffer with thrush as well today. Watch this space then, only time will tell, fingers crossed. x
  • Hi Happysausage,
    My AF is due in 9 days too!!! But Ive had not symptoms at all. I also started off thinking that it would/could take us months even years and have also become a very impatient and obssessed woman!!!
  • I noticed I had thrush for the past couple of days and got my BFP this morning! So there is every chance. Good luck XXX
  • Hi Hun,

    I agree with L&N I have suffered mild thrush in both my pg sadly we lost both & again same as you & L&N I have mild thrush!!!

    It is hard not to symptom spot on here cause obviously that's what were all her for LOL

    Good Luck hun xx
  • I've suffered from thrush since I was 11 (am nicknamed the Thrush Queen by my friends - lovely!), but hadn't had it since I got married in Sept until last month, first cycle after mc. I got literally the worst thrush I've ever had...three trips to doc, treating every day for 2 weeks, everything swollen up twice the size and floods of tears every time I peed (acid pee on red raw skins OW!!!!)...and so convinced myself was pg. But wasn't. I do think however that it was my hormones going mental after mc - I got really bad nausea over ov, which I've never had before, and got again this month - but no thrush thank god! So possibly not always sign of pg, but def something to do with mad ov/pg girlie hormones xx
  • Ohh I feel for you hun, it's not nice. I've had it before very bad. But have only since had it mildly whenever i've been pg!!! xx
  • wow i remember looking at this thread! i got thrush for the first time ever. was trying for nearly 2 years and got another BFN. only to then question it because i had thrush ??? well now i am 15 weeks pregnant so yes thrush deffinetly a big give away to me!! its due to hormonal imbalances as they surge through pregnancy xxxxxx image
  • hi there yes it can be a sign

    also when i was pregnant no test would say i was but i got nausea and vomitting the same day as implantation spotting this was around 12days before my missed period

  • hi i have thrush at the moment and been ttc for 10 months had very light bleeding on my last af went to docs and got a BFN not due af for 5 days do u think i could be pregnant im driving my self crazy lol 

  • Hi I'm not due for period for 6 days ,I've got thrush mild and had cramps headaches and sore boobs so took a test and up came a very very faint line could I be pregnant and know 6 days before period ????
  • You symptoms look like you are pregnant!

  • Hey ladies

    so I'm very new to all this but here goes. I've been ttc from the end of January with no luck. But this last month feels different I've feeling sick every day but not vomiting. Bloating, moodiness, headaches, constipation, sore boobs, I'm exhausted constantly and had lots of cramping. I also got a water infection and within days of that clearing up I got thrush. And im also 5 days late. I did a pregnancy test which came bk negative. Has anyone else had the same sort of thing happened and been pregnant or is my head playing tricks on me coz I want this so bad?? Help I'm driving myself crazy lol.
  • Hi I'm new here, I have 4 children ranging from 18 to 6. I'm with a new partner now after a rough marriage, and we would love a child together, like you guys I'm driving myself crazy, second guessing every little symptom lol. You'd think I know by now but every pregnancy was different, Last month I ended up having 9 days of brown blood 2 weeks early to a period followed by a kidney infection, but BFN test. This month I'm due as normal in 2 days, I've had breast soreness, thrush, cramps, headaches, back ache, loss of breath like my rib cage is aching, bloating and diarrhea (tmi) sorry lol.  I had none of these with my last 4, just veins on my boobs, what do you think ? image 

  • I have been trying since April for my second one I have had nausea and now noticed little bumps around my nipples and white spots on my actual nipples I can't rember them when I had my second is that sign of pregnancy

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