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Right, let me explain situation, went out in London last night and drank so much! Today I have had the hangover from hell..........been sick twice. Which I dont normally do and I dont feel crap all day.

Well hubby 2 be said, maybe your pregnant. My last period was 17th June. Had 2 pregnancy tests left from my cheap ebay pack, so I done a test and it had a faint line, done another one and it came up with another faint line. Then I decided to do my tesco one which also come up positive!

I'm confused as I didnt think it could be a positive test so soon! I'm going to get a clear blue tomorrow, so bloody excited!


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  • hiya, well i would say a line is a line isnt it especially on 3 tests? and can i just add that when i was pg last time i didnt know, and i got drunk and i threw up which i never ever did!! fingers crossed for you xx let us know wont you, xxx
  • good luck sound realy good thought keep us posted x
  • Your last af started or finished 17th June? How many days posy ov are you? Sometimes bfp's show up early. The only way you can be sure is to test again, tomorrow or the day after. But a line is a line. Congrats. xx
  • Thank you! I so hope it's positive! My last AF arrived on 17th June, wasn't a heavy period, maybe I could be further gone that I think then. Getting married in 10 weeks, I hope my dress will still fit! xx
  • i,m sure you will look lovely xx at least you will have your baby in your wedding photos!!
  • To get a positive on CD 13, is quite unusual, not a lot of time to have ov'd. If you had red blood during your af, then it was an af. If it was brown or pink spotting, then could have been implantation. xx
  • I thought it was unsual too. I'm abit confused, and I hope I'm not going mad. Going to get a doctors appointment today and see what they say.

  • good luck at the drs, nic, let us know how it goes chick x
  • Hope the appointment goes ok. xx
  • Hello, right been to doctors, they done a pregnancy test and it was positive! I think I am in shock! Hopefully midwife will call by the end of the week, doctor was confused about my af only being 17 June as she said that it doesnt normally show up that early, so could be further on than I think! Now its just the waiting game!

  • How exciting, congratulations. Let us know how far gone you are when you find out! take care xxxx
  • Congratulations. xx
  • Congratulations!! It probably wasn't an AF. Some people do bleed, even regularly, throughout their pregnancies.

    Hope you have a happy and healthy however many months you've got and enjoy your wedding! What an exciting time for you!

  • That's fab news! Make sure you let us all know how far you're gone - and take care of yourself! x
  • thats great news, congratulations hun, you must be so excited, enjoy your pg and let us know how far gone you are xx
  • congratulations nic!! i got a bpf on saturday, but i too had what i thought was my af on 19th june, but it was quite light so thinking maybe was implantaion bleeding as in general i think you have to be 2 weeks pg before test will show positive (so i guess that would mean at least 4 wks pg). will ask midwife when i get my appointment xx
  • congratulations!!! xxx
  • congratulations!!!!
  • I just wanted to say thank you for all the congratulations! Still feel shocked, going to take every day as it comes and wait for the midwife to contact me. Will let you know more once I do! xxx
  • Fabulous - big congrats Nic!!
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