what is it with all the baby and pregnancy adverts??

i'm sure its just coz we're ttc but there suddenly seem to be loads of adverts to do with babies and pregnancy everywhere! if its not CBD its cow and gate complete care growing up milk or aptamil follow on milk or nappies! why is the tv torturing me like this!
anyone else finding this?


  • i have found soaps have gone into baby overdrive and its driving me potty.
  • Hi hun!

    Not only that every programme i watch lately either has a baby announcement or a pregnancy related theme its driving me nuts, corrie, eastenders, Desperate Housewives, Shameless etc the list is endless!

    I think we just notice it more because we want it so much, I love the baby advert where they are all rollerblading he he so funny!

  • oh yeah and its not just adverts either - its tv in general - just watched friends where joey and chandler look after baby ben followed by scrubs where jordan is pregnant! (i also clearly need to get out more! lol)
  • glee is all about babies too!
  • Love that evian advert lol. I know what you mean, I even started thinking that the cb woman was giving me a hint to test- cow hahaha x
  • Lol just think when we have our babies there will be no time for TV or even adverts!

  • Ooh, that roller blading baby ad gives me the chills!! Ds doesn't like it either and he normally loves the baby ads!

    Know what you mean - was the same when trying for ds, they seem to be EVERYWHERE....along with pregnant women walking round....can't get away from them and sooo jealous!

    But it will be us soon and we can make others jealous! xx
  • yeah that bloody cbd woman drives me mad! she's so smug! bet she got pregnant without even trying - cow! lol
  • sorry double post! - keeps happening today for some reason! x

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  • I must admit i'm pretty sick of seeing those flipping CBD adverts ,only coz they kept saying i wasnt pregnant! :lol:

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