does anyone read the NOTW????

just wondering as their magazine on sunday had things about ttc and about the incresing amout of people in their 20's+ who are having fertility problems

there was a website for anoyone who wants advice about fertility problems aswell

for people with PCOS

or for information about endometriosis


  • I saw that too hun, made for interesting reading!! x
  • yeah chick thats what i thought,i just got round to reading it this morning lol usually read the paper a monday :lol:
  • I pinched the mag from my mums house & read it the other night!!! It was interesting but also quite scary!! I've had PID really bad about 9 years ago & have suffered from endometriosis they also told me that I would have trouble conceiving!! Instead it's trouble holding onto the pg!! Im interested in the egg test to see how many you have left!!! x
  • I saw it, read it in the bath easiest to concentrate. Was really informative and heartbreakingly sad. Has anyone heard of the ovarian reserve testing before? I haven't but would love one of the fertility MOT tests they were doing. xx
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