evap lines help!

Ok - just checked a cheapo test i did an hour or so ago and now see another pink line. I did not wait the whole two minutes to see if anything cam up cos im an impatient idiot. Do evap lines always come up?? Or could it be apositive?

If evap lines always come up then i will take it as a neg. If a positive sometimes comes up after the 10 mins allowance i may test again in 2 days if no AF??? xxxxxxx


  • god knows!lol!

    All I can say is test again in a few days if no AF.
  • "Evaporation ("evap") lines result with the test's antibody strip just looks slightly different than the space around it. There is a line of antibodies (usually made from mouse cells) in the Control and Test section. The Control line binds with any liquid and turns pink (or blue, in tests using blue dye.) The Test/Result line turns pink only if pregnancy hormone is detected. If not, the moisture passes over this strip and does not turn pink. It may, however, become more visible when the light hits the moisture on the strip-- it may appear gray, colorless, like a "dent" in the test, or like a "ghost line." It may appear at any time-- as soon as the urine hits it, after a few minutes as the test absorbs the moisture, or after the 10-minute time limit. It may appear when the test is drying, or after it has dried. It may disappear as the test is drying, or after the test has dried, or not disappear at all.

    The simple fact is that there is always "something there" that is slightly visible-- it's simply the antibodies on the test that would turn pink in the presence of hCG. When the test becomes wet, or as it dries, or after it dries, the antibody strip may become more visible. Therefore, all tests may have them. It is not a defect; it's just how tests are made.

    A real positive is identified by its color (pink or blue, whatever the color of the test's dye is) and its appearance within 10 minutes of urinating on the stick. A line that appears after 10 minutes, regardless of color, must be considered an evap line and is caused by the test's chemicals changing. HPT's are rapid assay diagnostics, which means any results appearing after the "rapid" time limit of 10 minutes are invalid."

    Long winded but hope it helps!

    If the line that came up between two minutes and ten minutes is pink, then you've prob got a BFP!
  • i used to avoid tests that had blue dye as i could never tell difference between late bfp coming up close to 10 mins and an evap. tests should not show evaps in general, yes there may be a faint line nearer to time limit but if shows before then test can be faulty (asked a lady who works for pg test company).
    Sounds to me hun like it may be a bfp!!
    Filo x
  • i have just googled evap pics and think that my line is def pink - but soo faint. i really dont think is positive but will await my af for 2 days. if no af then retest and this actually wait for the result properly! thanks everyone for your help xxxxxxxxxxxyou are all such lovelt people to take the time to help!
  • em good luck hun i reckon it sounds positive image xxxxx
  • thanks twizzlepie. i will be posting on her with my tail between my legs when af arrives - lol!!!
  • oh i really hope not honey, PMA remember **big hug* **chucks sticky baby dust!!** xxxxx
  • hi im new on here. i did a test about 5 days before my af was due. i convinced myself there was the faintest shadow of a 2nd line. (within the ten min window) then decided i was becoming obsessed and forgot about it. af showed up a few days later. a week after that i did another test to see if the faint line i had convinced myself of seeing happened in every test. and do you know what? up popped the pinkest BFP. i nearlly fell off the loo :lol: then did another test just to be sure and same result :\). was absolitely gob smacked! image and thrilled. went to the docs a couple of days later as must not have been af i had but was now worried it could be a mc. anyway as far as i know im now coming up on 8 weeks pg and going for an early scan on friday morning to see if all is ok.
  • oh wow! Have you taken any more test since the bleed to see if pregnancy hormine is still there? I guess if the line was there befoe the ten minutes then it means def a positive! Howevere, as i only checked my test for about a minute and threw it to one side, im not sure how long it took for the faint line to come! Stupid, but i cant go out now and get another test in the morning so will get another tomorrow for the following morning!

    Goodluck for your early scan on friday. I hope they find everything you are looking for xxx
  • have now taken 7 tests in all and all say positive. do one very couple of days as i feel this gives me some indication as to whether the pregnancy hormone is still there. as doc said the hormone can still be present for some weeks after a mc so dont want to pin my hopes on the positive line too much. but to be honest i cant help it!! just keeping me fingers crossed for friday. when are you planning on retesting?
  • em my fingers are crossed for you that it is a bfp! i had confusion when i got my BFP, thinking it was evap lines but a few days later on a CB test it was definitely a BFP image

    good luck!!! xx
  • Hi,
    I tested yesterday and got a faint line. I then went out and got a digital one which tells you in words and it was BFP! Try one of these!!
    Good luck x
  • Congratulations littlep!! Good luck berly!

    em - I have never had another line other than control line no matter how long I left the test!! Trust me I have looked and prayed lol xx When was Af due? I would recommend to test 3-4 days after that! If you are already there , leave it 2-3 days and then do another and keep an eye on it!!
  • oh my god i am going out of my mind! So IMMENSE, you are saying you have never had an evap line??? Thats good news for me. I just wish i stayed and watched the test for the full 15 minutes and hen i would bloody know! I would try a CBD but they are so expensive! If i am pretty sure then i dont mind paying for one but with the ampunt of tests we do on here we would be bankrupt if we got CBD everytime lol!!
    Mrs_e, thanks for the goodluck! I was going to do another one friday but i want to do one tomorrow now as have got my hopes up (again, i cant be trusted!)....
    Berly - sounds like things might be going ok - i hope that everything is going well for you. x
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