Help needed

I need help!!
I am now on cycle day 40 (normally 28-31)..took a FR last weekend and that was BFN. Then, 3 days ago I started spotting really light brown discharge that seems to be there sort of on/off. No symptoms of any sort but then I usually only get pains on CD1 and that's it.
I have been bang on regular since coming off the pill in Oct 09 and now this...can anyone help? Has anyone experienced the same?
I'm going mad with this ttc...please help!! :\?


  • Do you know for sure when you ovulated as maybe it was later than you thought and last weeks bleeding could have been implantation? That would mean you tested too early.
  • I'm not sure when I ovulated at all...I didn't temp or use sticks so no idea at all! Usually it would have been CD16 or 17 but like you said maybe I ov'd a lot later.
    Maybe I will just hang on then...I'm going on holiday on 15th April so will test before then if nothing happens...I'm just so confused!

    Mrs C..let's be buddies, me on 14th you on 17th! Fingers crossed.


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