good excuses.

Hi ladies. I was wondering what good excuses you had for not drinking when you go out/to a friends etc.. Im definitly going to use the 'im driving' excuse...i wondered if you have any other good ones as i dont want anyone suspecting that we are trying until we are ready to tell. thanks girlsx


  • cystitis or antibiotics, works every time. Ear infection is always good cos you can rub your ear lots and it goes red really easily and the antibiotics often given for that are the ones you genuinely can't drink with. So if anyone googles you are safe!! lol :lol: Very devious aren't we!!!
  • I usually just go with "i'm not in the mood to drink" seems to work.
  • heheh i like the ear infection one-great idea. i think if i said 'im not in the mood to drink' i would be instantly be bonbarded with questions and suspicions lol
  • just say u took medicine 4 ur sore throat

    or u took tablets 4 ur headache, migraine, period pain :P

  • i always go with the anti bioctics one but last year when i actually was on them for something i didn't drink on my birthday night out and had also quit smoking around that time and one of my mates kept asking if i wanted to tell her something because i wasn't drinking or smoking! Lol
  • yeah, people are very suspicious...and nosey lol.
  • i would use the antibiotic excuse myself but i dont drink anyways really only the odd glass xx
  • I don't drink anyway but I would use the antibiotics one. My friend used that excuse when she was pregnant with her twins although she started showing quite early so she couldn't use it for very long.
  • oooh this thread is great! I'm going to the races with work on wednesday and I hadn't thought of what I'm going to say, will probably try the antibiotics one although I don't know if anyone will believe me!!
  • I'm lucky, I don't drink so nobody would notice. My friend took to drinking coke (pretending there was something else in it).
  • thats a good one mrsclaretweeze..i can say i have malibu and coke in the glass..and if someone else offers to buy me a drink il say, 'il just have coke this pacing myself.' lol.
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