Want to Scream!!

I don't know why but I feel like I'm about to explode! I want to cry and shout, just feel really angry at the mo, it's been brewing for a few hours now and I can do absolutely nothing with it tonight. OH is away until early hours, the kids are driving me crazy and I have to have a staff meeting at my house tonight and as of yet no one has turned up - not impressed!

Sorry but just really needed to let it out x


  • Plus the curry I've made is going to burn at this rate x
  • its horrible feeling like that isnt it!
    i feel like I want to scream too, i ache all over and oh wont massage me. uncomfortable and bloated. probably doesnt help sitting at computer but im bored!! think ill put lo to bed in a min and go to bed myself.
    hope you feel better soon, send the kids to bed and get a cuppa and maybe some sneaky chocolate lol x x x
  • How rude of them to not turn up! My kids were driving me potty today too (must be the weather). ds was being horrible to dd, and it was just a constant round of screams, crying, fighting, naughty step, and tears (the tears were from me! lol!). They are in bed now, and I am sitting here with the tv off, candles lit, and savouring the silence! x
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