omg advice needed asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey girls!!! well im due af on friday, was gonna be so good and wait till fiday to test, but just been asda and a test kinda apperard in my basket lol!!! so iv just done it and straight away i looked and it only had the one line so was so angry at myself for testing but then i looked close at it ( cos TMI i know but a peed a little bit on the control window/!! oops!!!) lol anyway a dried it with sum tissue and there is a very very very very very faint line!!! its so faint so im not sure if its in my head or its somethin to do with me getting the window wet?????????????? OMG IM IN LIMBO AM I ARENT I??? there is another in the pack but was gonna save it for tomoro what do u lot think?? please help!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • ok nic,
    step away from the
    i would test again on thurz!! if it was me but it would kill me to wait so long! hope it goes ok and u get a full BFP. xx
  • haha!!! thanks foxjenz, ive stepped away from it and after that little episode im gonna wait till wed or thursday, yep its gonna kill me waiting but i need to learn not to get my hopes up! deep breaths ........ haha!!! xxxx
  • yeh its hard being female!! we build our hope's up soooooooooo high!! but then cuz we do it so often we are good at getting ova it! lol
    im due on 20th so will see what happens! i nva got many symptoms with my LO so see if i do this time round!! just my (0)(0)'s really hurting!!!
    xxwell done
  • orrrr i know what u mean, last month i was obsessed as it was my 1st month trying but this month iv been suprisingly calm, until today!!! i blame it on being on my day off from work and being due af on friday!! lol!! i woke up last night with a weird taste in my mouth which was still there this morning, also a pulling spasom type feeling in my tummy when ive got out of my car or from standing up from a chair, oh and spots on my chin that appeared a couple of days ago, i never normally get spots so hoping this was a sign. god i hope i can hold off testing till wed!!! good luck for your bfp!!!!!!! how long have u been ttc? xxxx
  • i got a VVVV faint line to but not pee'ed on the test screen so kind of in limbo to lol
  • hey hun just wrote on your post! Lol x x x
  • LOL - yes step away from the test!! The right advice would be to tell you to wait until tomorrow but I personnally have no self-control when it comes to poas so I would test with fmu. You ought to wait - if you can.... Good luck xx
  • thanks hun, i ended up testing again before to double check it and it is still a very very very faint line, hubby thought i was goin mad as he struggled to see it! Which makes me think i maybe am goin mad! Is fmu first mornin urine? Not sure! Lol! Oh i really want to do a clear blue digital so i wouldnt have to look for a line but dont know how sensitive they are, i used asdas own x x x
  • LOL - I prob would've done the same! I've heard that superdrug tests are very sensitive and the girls on here rave about them. Yes it's first morning urine - its a lot stronger so much much better to test with. xx
  • Hey nic,
    this is my first month!!! so not many hopes! lol
  • me to nic i re-tested and still V.V.V faint line still no idea lol
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