Anyone on the 1ww??


I'm now in the 1ww category, 1st month ttc after stillbirth 8 weeks ago!! AF is due on the 21st, if she doesn't show i'm going to try to wait until my birthday on the 24th to test!!

Good luck all, sending baby dust your way xx

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  • I'm not on my wait just yet but just wanted to say good luck hun, so sorry to hear of your loss. Hope this is your month xx
  • So sorry to hear about your loss. I'm on 1ww gonna test on 22nd if I can wait that long
  • Lets hope we both get our Birthday Beans! I'm due on the 21st also, Bday on the 26th! (Doubt I'll be able to wait 5 days to test though!!!)

  • Oh babydancer I hope we do!! Hope you get good news too DDSara.

    Good luck xx
  • I'm on 1ww too. I'm going to try and wait until after my AF is due which is 21st. I hate the waiting though. Good luck to everyone!
  • Hi Laura,
    I'm due on the 21st too!! TBH i've tested twice this week and obviously BFN as it's too early!! I hate the wait too!
    Good luck x
  • Hi Dotty - I've tested too and I don't want a repeat of the disappointment. Are you waiting for your AF date or are you testing before?
  • Hi Dotty

    I'm g/c from due in July - but just wanted to wish you lots of luck! You so deserve your BFP after all you've been through.
    Oh - and if it isnt your month this month, then i highly recommend the Clearblue Fertility Monitor - worked 2nd time for me after 6mths of TTC with normal ovulation tests.
    (get it from Amazon though coz it's cheaper)!

  • Hi Broody,

    Thanks for the luck, I appreciate it!! If i don't get my BFP then i'll be looking into getting the cbfm, although with my last pregnancy we tried for 18 months and I got pg the first month I used cheap opk. I'll also look into the "sperm meets egg theory" thats flying about at the moment.
    Congratulations on getting your bfp, I hope you have a H&H 9 months xx
  • sorry for your loss Dotty. I too am on 1ww, due to test 23rd. Would love to get this month as my b'day is 27th. Was on holiday when OV happened (well hope happened, didn't test or anything but had ewcm and ov pains) celebrating our 1st weding anniversary so hopefully brought something extra back with us.

    Baby dust to all
  • Lets hope for lots of Birthday BFP's this month LynzK, me you and dotty will be celebrating!

    Love your picture BTW

  • It's my birthday too one week after AF is due - maybe this will be our lucky omen!

    The other month it seemed to be everyone with funny veg as their avatar(SP?) - maybe for us it will be birthdays!!

    Good Luck everyone!!!


    image image
  • wooo maybe your right! Perhaps we should start a Birthday testing thread?!!! xx
  • Yay, birthday testing!! Doubt i'll make it to my birthday though, want to test now but not going to!! Must be strong!!
    Anyone doing any SS?? I keep getting cramps in my tummy, but apart from that, nothing!!

  • I couldn't wait for my birthday... it's all i can do to not test now!!! Saturday I will test and I will get my bfp! image

    I am doing a littl bit of ss but just a few cramps nothing to write home about... xx

  • Good luck BabyDancer xx

    Will you be due in August then? (noticed your "August is up" post!!)

    If i get my BFP my edd would be 31st July, I might make it yet!! :\)

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  • ...and you dotty! How you feeling today?

    My cramps continue... feel more like twinges and pulling. Temps still nice and high this morning.

  • Looking likely for that BFP then!! Yay!

    My fingers are crossed for you xx
  • Sorry... didn't read your whole post, got excited!

    ... think I would be due on the 1st/2nd August

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