Best time of day to use OPKs?

Hi girls

I'm after a bit of advice please. This is only my second cycle since coming off the pill as my first one was loooong. So this time I'm trying to work out what my body's doing a bit more and using OPKs aswell as doing BBT and keeping a note of any cycle related symptoms.
I've only bought the cheapies from homehealth as if this cycles like last one I might be using quite a few (hopefully not). I think the instructions say to do the OPKs between 10am and 7pm, and due to work etc I usually end up doing them later on at nearly 7pm. So far I've had a few faint pink lines but no positive. Most likely it's because I haven't OV'd yet, but wondered if there was a chance I'm missing the LH surge by doing them too late?

Thankyou xx
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