FAO Woomummy

Congratulations Kim, I'm really pleased for you and BE wont let me post on your thread.I'm wondering if all those double posts on your announcement(presumably because BE has heatstroke!!) are because you have twins in there??!!!!!!!


  • I was the same I kept tryin to post and it would not let me.

    Wow this morning there is so much great news i am sooo pleased for you image I wish you all the best and here is to a wonderful 9 months image

  • I have been trying to post on your thread as well but not letting me. Big, big CONGRATULATIONS! You must be so excited. I take it you will be joining the Jan forum now. xx
  • Me too, I can't post!
    Congratulations woomummy!!!

  • Couldn't post either

    Kim I'm so pleased for you hun congratulations!! hope you have a very happy and healthy 9 months

    Emma xx
  • Many congratulations Kim! That's fantastic news!! Here's to a happy and healthy 9 months! xxxx


  • Thanks girls!!!!! it wont let me post on it either!! od knows whats up with it today!!! Still feel nervous just want to get weds over with (af day!!) and then will feel slightly better!!! Your kind words means lots....still a bit scared to leave here yet...hope u girls dont mind xxxxxx
  • of course we dont mind, anyhow you need to keep us updated with pg details.
    So tell us your symptoms?? x

    p.s i congratulated you on other post but CONGRATS agin lol
  • Hi i posted on other post but kept giving me an error message.

    Thats fab news im sooo happy for you any idea what your due date is? Oh a 2009 baby big congrats to you and Mr Woomummy. I hope you didnt buy that monitor?

    jen xx
  • no i didnt was guna get it this wk...figured if bfn today i would take the plunge....lucky i tested eh!! thanks hun i hope ur not to far behind me hun xxxxxx p.s il start a new thread and post my symptoms!!! xxxxxx
  • Mr woodaddy is going crazy at the mo!!! didnt tell him about any of the + over the wkend...so he was shocked this morning!!!!
  • I couldn't post on the original one, either.

    The BFPs - particularly the long-time-in-coming ones - are my favourite posts - sooooo well-earned, Kim! I remember how lovely you were when I got my BFP and I'm SO glad it's your turn. You look after that little bean :\)
  • Congratulations woomummy. That is brilliant news!! Yay!!!!!
    I'll try to join you soon!!!
  • OH MY GOD.... I have had such a day (and weekend) I've haven't had a chance to look on here since last Thursday/Friday... WOW *does happy dance* so many congratulations honey.... woo hooo image !!

  • Thanks PTB im just hoping this one stays sticky i NEED to remain positive!!!! Im not letting it go anywhere!!!

    DG ive got everything crossed for u hun, we need to meet up for coffees withs our little bundles so dont give mrDG anytime off this month!!!

    Jules!!! Where u been ive been a bag of nerves all wkend lol!!!!! thanks 4 ur dance i cant wait to do it for u when u get ur valentines baby hunny xxxxxxxxx
  • How you feeling? you deserve this more than anyone. You put your feet up and let woodaddy do all the housework.

    jen xx
  • Im gd hunny, thank you thats a lovely things to say hun and it means lots it really does....woodaddy is away for the wk....so i wont get my hug til friday!!! boo!! xxxxxxx
  • woohoo Kim!!!!! Wonderful news!!! Congrats.xxx
  • Couldn't post a reply either. Huge congratulations woomummy, I got my BFP today too!!! Wishing you a happy, healthy pregnancy xxx
  • Yay Kim!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know we chatted on facebook earlier but many congratulatioins again. I am so chuffed for you and your DH. Really hope that everything goes well for this pregnancy, take really good care of yourself image lots of love, bluebird xxxx
  • Conrats hun - it wouldn't let me post either - but I have already spoken to you so you know I'm very happy for you hun! Send all the spare baby dust this way!!!
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