Due to test this wkend but am worried...

Hey guys just thought id share my nervousness with you all. Im due to test this weekend, providing AF doesnt show her ugly face. And im soo nervous in case i get a PFN as i feel very symptomatic and have been for the past few weeks. Ive had sore boobs, feeling very sickly, am extremely tired and have had tummy and back pain for the past week or so. I know we all symptom spot but i really feel different, we've only been TTC for 4 months and im becoming frustrated with the whole process. Would just be super gutted if i get a negative on that test image x:cry:

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  • Awww hun i feel for you but your symtoms do sound promising! Im gonna keep everything crossed for you. good luck xxxx
  • i was like you yesterday morning and unfortunately i got a bfn and then af showed. really hope you get a better result than i did. i was also on month 4 ttc and felt fed up with the whole ttc process but now feel like pma is growing and feel positive again. have some pma and good luck for the weekend.
  • Thanks so much guys, i think we all just want this sooo bad. Im going to keep everything crossed. Its hard to tell the difference between genuine symptoms of preg and just wanting to feel them!!!
  • Good luck this weekend kimd. Your symptoms sound promising, so will be keeping fingers crossed for a bfp for you! x
  • wishing you extra big good luck for this weekend ! fingers crossed
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